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Linda A Iannelli

About Linda Iannelli

About me

Zealous Advocate for You!   I am a local attorney who knows the law and is not afraid to use it!   Pleading to a traffic infraction can have serious consequences.  Take it seriously.  Hire the best!  We are not a traffic mill, we are a defense firm.  We consult with our clients personnally and review every ticket for the best possible outcome.  

I fight traffic tickets for a living, not because I want bad drivers on the road, but because I believe in the Constitution and hate to see people plead guilty to save a few bucks which allows our government to take advantage of the drivers of this state by operating the traffic court as a cash register.   It used to be if you got a ticket it wasn't a big deal, not so much any more.  The penalty assessments attached to the fines are outrageous and one ticket for the wrong violation on your record can cause substantial financial damage, loss of license and in some cases cost you your job.   Don't let that happen to you. 

Commercial drivers definately need professional representation from competent legal counsel and I am hear to help.  I founded a statewide traffic defense bar association for attorneys accross the state who focus on traffic defense could have a united voice for all the drivers in the State not just those who get tickets. 

 If you get a ticket, give me a call, I am here to help.