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Joshua Paul Shelton

About Joshua Shelton

About me


The Shelton Law Firm is comprised of extremely experienced and knowledgable attorneys in the fields of Corporate Law, Business Law, Real Estate Law, Contract Law, and Criminal Law


Established in 2008

The Shelton Law firm has grown from humble beginnings rooted in business/corporate formation, business strategies, contract formation, and breach of contract claims.  Mr. Shelton has extensive experience with all areas of corporate law, contract law, and business law.  Currently acting as In-House Counsel for several large corporate clients, Mr. Shelton and his exceptional legal team continue to help consult businesses in pursuit of increased profitability and decreased liability.

With extensive experience in the entertainment industry, and a roster of clients including several award winning musicians and actors, Mr. Shelton is well-known for facilitating and finalizing endorsement contracts, licensing agreements, and production agreements.