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Steven Ellman’s client reviews

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    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I was involved in an automobile accident had a passenger and the other driver was not insured, my case was very simple because I carried uninsured motorist coverage. When I was fully released from medical treatment he submitted my medicals to my "own" insurance company, later he settled the case for the maximum coverage 25/50 we met in his office on Springdale in Huntington Beach, CA and he assured me all medical bills were going to get paid. First he tried to give me out of $25, 000 he collected on my case miserable $4,000. I told him that there were only three medical providers and how is it he was getting $8,333 for attorney fees from the top.
    He told me the medical providers were only reducing their bills by if anything $500. His excuse was he was going to make sure they did not come back after me to collect. I went ahead and contacted each provided without him knowing and explained to each that if they worked with me in reducing their bills so that I can get what I was entitled to, I would make sure to get the checks from Mr. Ellman and delivered their payments myself,. I started to call his office and after placing so many calls and leaving several messages with his assistants "Marlene, Julie, Michelle" finally I was able to get an appointment with Steven Ellman I gave him the letters from each provided accepting to reduce their bill, he was upset because not only he was going to have to pay then on the spot but because according to him I had ruined his relationship with the providers. (this providers accepted to work with me because I they claimed they had dozens of clients from him and had not gotten payment) While in his office he gave us attitude and would not even spend 2 minutes with us, he had Marlene Sealock, assistant to Senior attorney see us and gave us all the checks. By the way Ms. Sealock told us that she was about to quit his office because he was rude and that many clients and medical providers were beginning to complaint and he was always hiding to avoid paying that it was a very stressful job working with someone like him. I did not care all I wanted was to leave this office and never see any of his staff ever again.

  • client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by alfred

    Retained Mr. Ellman for my case which was rather complex, due to severe and life threatening injuries, that paralyze my left arm and fractured my pelvis, rendering me and my family completely destitute. After 5 long years of protracted litigation against to high profile defendants with high profile lawyers, Mr Ellman was able to secure what my family and I thought was a fair settlement. The defendants were underinsured but were loaded, but too greedy to pay what they owed until Mr. Ellman litigated the hell out of the case and brought them to their knees.
    Mr. Ellman was there for me and my family when we needed him the most and didn't let the other lawyers step all over me. Althought hey tried with all their might.

  • Settled case, but did not pay all of the parties in my case now I am getting credit phone calls

    1.0 star

    Posted by Sharon

    This lawyer is unethical. He took over a year to work a simple case and it turns out that he took his portion and did not pay all parties concerned. i am now receiving phone calls regarding payment for a case 3 years old. Mr. Ellman was difficult to contact. But eventually the case was settled. I was assured that all parties were paid and that there would be no further action needed on my part. This summer 2010, I started receiveing bills from one of the doctors I saw during my case. I was informed that the lawyer did not pay them and they were not able to contact his office. The contract I signed with Mr. Ellman stated that he was responsible for covering all of the bills regarding the case. I was assured that this was done and he did receive his payment.