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Donna Bader

Donna Bader’s client reviews

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  • Trustworthy and professional appellate attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Appeals client

    Ms. Donna Bader kindly agreed to represent me on an appeal filed against me.  She thoroughly studied numerous volumes of transcripts in the underlying case.  She prepared the briefs in a highly professional manner. As she worked on the appeal, Ms. Bader explained to me all of the important points and promptly answered all my numerous questions. All forms and briefs were filed in timely manner.

    Ms. Bader won the appeal despite the fact the appellant was an experienced lawyer and the owner of a law firm that has law offices all over California with experienced attorneys at his disposal.

    During the six years my case was pending, I met quite a few attorneys (actually, more than twelve).  Unfortunately, most of them did not deserve any positive comments words and they seemed as if they were trying to take advantage of clients in a vulnerable situation.  Ms. Bader and another attorney, Jeffrey Lewis, were the outstanding exceptions to this trend. I consider Ms. Bader's work, professionalism, and attitude as a rare demonstration of what an attorney and a human being should be.  I am highly satisfied with her services; they exceeded all of my expectations. She worked closely with me and patiently explained to me all my options so I could choose the best course of action. Her briefs were persuasive and she gave a strong presentation at oral argument.

    I wish Ms. Bader success in all of her future cases. I am sure that her clients will be in good, reliable, and clean hands.

    I highly recommend her to anyone who needs trustworthy and professional appellate attorney.

  • Superb lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Appeals client

    Donna stepped in to review a badly handled lawsuit of mine. She read the transcript very quickly, made an excellent review of the case, made an assessment that the trial lawyer did not leave her anything to appeal as he was inept, and recommended a settlement.
    Our trial lawyer hadn't even recommended we settle and simply abandoned us. The opposing party and I came up with a settlement before the final verdict was entered. This saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars plus no verdict was entered into the public records. Ms. Bader is honest, compassionate and very capable. I would highly recommend her.

  • Appellate Law

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Allyson

    We had been involved in a lengthly superior court action, and upon receipt of the final verdict, were faced with an opposing party that filed an appeal to overturn the lower court verdict.
    We knew that we needed to have a specialist, and retained the services of Donna Bader. We found that in the practice of appellate law, she is well respected, very experienced, very detailed, hardworking, and a pleasure to work with. She took the time to fully understand the background and history of our case, and the briefs that she filled on our behalf clearly reflected her detailed work, and study of appliciable appellate law. Her billing is accurate and fair. We are pleased to report that we were completely sucesfull due to an articulate and accurate case presentation to the justices by Donna Bader. We would recommend her without question.