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About Me

Not all lawyers work hard for their clients. I do. Not all lawyers quote reasonable rates. I do. To put it bluntly: you want the maximum bang for your hard-earned money. The big firms can't give you the awesome and affordable representation that I can. Firms that advertise cheap representation will take your money and throw you to the wolves. 


Get serious. You want to hire an experienced fighter who has both criminal trial experience and law enforcement experience. Eight years of experience as a cop have taught me how to deal with the police and beat them at their own game. I've read their play book and I know how to beat them.


I've gotten cases dismissed without my clients having to pay for trial or set foot inside a courthouse. I've won trials for my clients. What is more important is that I care about my clients, as my client reviews can attest.


Don't bet your entire future on an unprepared attorney or an expensive firm that doesn't care about you. Call me at 714-785-9978 for a free consult.


I'll keep you out of trouble.