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People v. P.H.

Case Conclusion Date: 03.15.2012

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Outcome: Commercial Burglary Dismissed on First Day of Trial

Description: A young college student enters his campus bookstore and begins to place several course books into a laptop bag. Within a few minutes, he leaves the bag near the cashier and continues looking for more publications. Once he is finished, he returns to the cashier and begins a short discussion with the teller. Once the student attempts to lift the bag filled with the books, a campus police officer arrives and asks the young man to accompany him to his vehicle parked outside the bookstore. A short interview was made and the officer determined that the student did not have funds to pay for the books, that he was being inconsistent with the story he was giving, and that he was being untruthful about how he arrived onto the campus. DISCLAIMER: THE CASES ABOVE ARE REAL RESULTS OBTAINED FOR ACTUAL CLIENTS OF MR. KASPERO. HOWEVER, INDIVIDUAL RESULTS WILL VARY FOR ALL PERSONS BASED ON DIFFERENCES IN THE FACTS OF EACH PARTICULAR CASE, THE VARIOUS CRIMINAL HISTORIES OF EACH CLIENT, AS WELL AS WHICH JURISDICTION (COURT SYSTEM) THE CLIENT FINDS THEMSELVES IN. THEREFORE, THE RESULTS POSTED ON THIS SITE ARE INTENDED TO BE SHOWN FOR NOTABLE CASE NEGOTIATIONS AND/OR TRIAL VICTORIES. THE RESULTS POSTED ON THIS SITE IN NO WAY GUARANTEE THAT FUTURE, CURRENT, OR ANY FORMER CLIENTS WILL (HAVE) OR ARE EXPECTED TO RECEIVE (OR RECEIVED) IDENTICAL OR SIMILAR ACHIEVEMENTS.

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