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Jeremy Neil Goldman

About Jeremy Goldman

About me

Mr. Goldman, a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization,  has over 20 years experience as an Orange County criminal defense attorney. During his career, Mr. Goldman has completed more than 100 trials by jury, including homicide cases. He has handled all kinds of criminal proceedings ranging from juvenile court, to misdemeanors, to capital homicides. His depth of experience enables him to provide the highest level of expert legal knowledge and skill toward the defense of his clients.


Areas Of Practice: 100% Criminal Law


CRIMES OF VIOLENCE - Strong defense available for those persons facing allegations of spousal violence, rape, sex batteries, online offenses committed against minors, lewdness, assault, robberies, and murder.

DUIs - Comprehensive approach for the investigation of all Driving Under the Influence charges. We help you in the preservation of your license, livelihood and freedom by looking at all alternatives to jail time.

DRUG CHARGES - Strong defenses provided against drug allegations, including possession, sales, trafficking or transporting drugs, conspiracy to manufacture, conspiracy to transport, and conspiracy to sell. We will vigorously contest federal drug charges

WHITE COLLAR CRIMES - We will strongly assist you against allegations of grand theft, fraud, tax and embezzlement, criminal offenses. Think you are being investigated for these charges? Let us help you immediately.

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