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Patrick John Silva

About Patrick Silva

About me

I am APPROVED by the "State Bar of California" to teach other lawyers on how to "Spot Issues on a Gas Chromatogram in a DUI case."   Gas chromatograms allow us to see the problems that may occur in a blood test analysis. Your best chance at a successful outcome to your case is to hire a winning dui lawyer with a proven track record. As a dui lawyer I am willing to pit my knowledge of breath science, blood science, field sobriety testing, pre-trial motions and jury trials up against any lawyer. In fact, I teach other lawyers how to defend their dui cases. My success is based on hard work, the desire to be the best, and most importantly the facts of your case. If you would like a real dui lawyer to evaluate your case call and schedule a 1 hour free consultion.


Competition is the spice of life. As a DUI defense attorney I enjoy the competitive nature of the courtroom. As a baseball coach for over 20 years I enjoy the competition on the baseball diamond. Whether it's on the ballfield or in the courtroom I enjoy competitive nature of each and strive to win and do my best in each arena of my life.  Let my desire to be the best at what I do be a benefit to you.

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