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  1. I got a biometric appointment for in Feb/07/2013 can you please tell me how long dose it take after biometric appointment.

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    1. Richard Bennett Bracken
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    This is question is virtually impossible to answer for a variety of reasons. Biometrics are required for a number of different applications. The type of case you have can impact the expected wait for a benefit or interview. Even when the type of case is known the government has wide latitude in its processing. Having said that, expect months rather than weeks.


    Answered over 1 year ago.

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    This shouldn't be a problem as your marriage certificate that they have on record will clearly indicate both her maiden name and married name. They know that upon marrying you she has the option to use either name. (Nevertheless, she should be consistent and stick with whichever one she prefers, in the future). You can include a letter explaining the issue but I don't think it's necessary. Also, if CIS is asking for 2012 taxes they are probably just wanting to see documents evidencing your...

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