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Marc Edwin Empey

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  • Prior to purchasing a home, is an HOA required to disclose special rules concerning individual homes to prospective buyers?

    We purchased a property with an original (1973) roof mounted A/C. Soon after, we replaced the A/C with a more efficient and quieter one. We were promptly notified by the HOA that we were in violation of their rules which state no A/C's can be in...

    Marc’s Answer

    The short answer is NO. The HOA is not a party to the transaction and has no independent duty to point out that provision in the CC&R's to the Buyer. It is the seller's obligation to make certain mandated disclosures and documents (including the CC&R's) It is doubtful that there are any grandfather provisions in the CC&R's and in any event "grandfather" clauses are typically designed to protect existing non-conforming uses, not replacements.

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