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About James Ratzer

About me

Ratzer Family Law is focused on practicing all aspects of family law.  We are trained litigators who prefer mediation when both sides of a case are cooperative and share necessary  information.  If mediation is not an option, we are trained to develop a case for trial.


Mr. Ratzer is a trained mediator who offers a variety of mediation fee structures depending on the complexity of a case.


Mr. Ratzer offers mediation consulting services that prepare a party to effectively participate in mediation.  You must be educated on this issues in your case before you  go into mediation.  You should not sign any agreements before having them reviewed by your own attorney.  Your mediator does not represent you and as part of the mediation process you most likely acknowledged in writing your understanding that your mediator is not your attorney. 


We are available to help you and if you would like to schedule a time to consult with Mr. Ratzer, please call our office at 858-793-7700.