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Karen Gleason-Huss’s client reviews

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Review Karen Gleason-Huss
  • Thorough and professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Elizabeth

    Ms Gleason Huss helped me administer a trust after my elderly relative died. She did a great job guiding me through the complicated process. I most appreciated her thoroughness and attention to detail. Not one of my questions or concerns via email or phone went unanswered. Highly professional and effective.

  • Strong Advocate for the Elderly in Estate Planning

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Debbie

    After my mother’s death, I was quite worried about protecting my elderly father’s estate. Dad moved to California so that I could be his primary caregiver. In his home state, a simple will had been sufficient. My mother had been the keeper of the household purse strings. Dad had been removed from the day to day finances for some time. My father was grieving, depressed and disinterested in his own financial affairs.

    Everyone has heard nightmarish stories about California probate court. I knew people who found impressive looking binders that some trust-mill sold their parents, only to later learn that none of their parent’s assets had been transferred into the trust. That fancy notebook turned out to be essentially worthless. With all these horror stories in mind I still hoped that I, and my siblings, would benefit from Dad spelling out his end of life wishes with great specificity in a trust.

    Ms. Karen Gleason-Huss was the third estate attorney we interviewed. An essential part of the process was to find an attorney who my elderly father was comfortable with, someone who understood that it would take extra time and effort to deal with a grieving man who had both hearing and vision deficits.

    Quite frankly, I wanted to find an attorney who kept abreast of the latest IRS rulings and estate laws, specialized in California estate planning and most importantly a counselor who was ethical and honest. I wanted a competent and thorough attorney, not just someone who prepared documents, mouthed some warm and fuzzy platitudes and sent us on our way. One of the attorneys we interviewed dismissed my father as “too difficult to communicate with” and spoke solely to me. It struck me as unprofessional for the prospective attorney to be brushing aside the slow speech and labored thoughts of the very man who had worked all of his life earning the assets in the estate we were discussing.

    Karen Gleason-Huss was recommended to me by word of mouth. Better yet, she was recommended to me by another attorney who was also a part-time judge. He described her as an advocate for the elderly and as a highly ethical and principled woman. He said she was a tough nut and would vociferously defend any estate plan made by her client.

    I was impressed, not offended, when Gleason-Huss explained that she would need to meet alone with my elderly father for portions of the work on the trust. Dad felt respected and thus established an immediate rapport with Gleason-Huss. It was a collaborative effort from the first day forward.

    An unexpected benefit came of this whole attorney-client relationship. Dad began to take more pride in his life. He expressed renewed interest in his financial affairs. He began to realize that in saving money and accumulating an estate - he had done an admirable thing. His self-esteem improved. Dad looked forward to meeting with his attorney and his banking representative. In advocating for my elderly father, Karen Gleason-Huss helped him shake off his depression and re-engage in life. In turn, my siblings and I started to see our father in a new light.

    In my opinion, an ethical and competent attorney can do more than create and publish legal documents; they can improve the quality of life (and death) for the elderly. They might even help create a healthy environment for potential family growth. Karen Gleason-Huss did these things for my family.

  • Very knowledgeable & Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    Karen is very knowledgeable and honest, she took all the time necessary to fully explain the various components of a family trust. She provided very detailed instructions on implementing the trust with each of the various documents. Her fees were very reasonable.

  • Excellent legal services

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jon

    I found Karen to be very knowlegeable, compedent and a pleasure to work with. The process of creating my Trust/Estate Planning was smooth and seamless.

  • Trustworthy, honest and extremely knowledgeable!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jerry

    My wife and I have used Karen for trust, Elder Law and estate planning. She is extremely knowledgeable and honest and takes all the time necessary to fully explain all facets of what she is doing for you. You never feel rushed or that you don't have her undivided attention. She did a Living Trust for us, as well as two other members of our family and a friend of ours. We have also used her for Elder Law and estate cases. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing work concerning trusts, probates, Elder Law or estate planning.

  • Excellent Trust/Elder Law attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by bob

    I suppose we were like many others..delinquent in our estate planning. After a search for advice, Karen was recommended by a friend. My wife and I met with Karen and got our planning on track and finalized shortly thereafter. Its a relief to catch up all of this and also a relief to have the process handled in such a professional way. Karen knows the law, the processes and has very professional advice. !00% satisfied.
    bob and ellen

  • Karen Gleason Huss is an outstanding specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Benita

    In 2007, I wanted to assure that my assets will provide for my daughter and grandson. While banking, I mentioned that I was looking for a good local attorney who was well experienced in estate law, articulate, personable and especially who would carefully listen to my concerns . The banker referred me to Karen L. Gleason Huss of Carlsbad, based on both a professional and friendship relationship for many, many years.

    I was impressed with Karen's extensive knowledge of estate planning. She was a great listener and patient in explaining legal intricacies . Together we drafted my first will and set up a trust for my estate. Later that year, my 84 year old mother relocated from Los Angeles to Carlsbad and she needed to update her will. I introduced mom to Attorney Huss and she found Karen to be kind, thorough, responsive and an excellent counselor. My mom had been with her (now retired) Los Angeles attorney for 25 years, and she was very fond of him. I was concerned that establishing a new legal relationship might not be easy for mom, but I was wrong. Karen’s professionalism, warmth and focus on mom’s concerns won her over.

    Much is involved and at stake in protecting the future of loved ones. Karen worked diligently to protect our family concerns. While she has been our family advisor, she also feels like a family member. I wholeheartedly recommend Karen.

  • At last, someone to trust

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Estate Planning client

    We saw several estate planners, before Karen was recommended. We were never rushed, she took the time to explain options and the process. We were very comfortable.