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Lawrence Holmes’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jason

    Hired Attorney

    Always gets results

    For the third petition in a row, smooth sailing through the process with USCIS. First it was an adjustment of status petition for my wife, then the CR2 for her son, now the removal of conditions for my wife. Every single time, we've not had any push back from USCIS, no requests for additional evidence and consistently approved.

    Yvonne has been our case handler on all three petitions, and while she's extremely busy she always does a great job and tries to get back to you in a timely manner. It may seem like you're doing a lot of paperwork, but trust the process and get the documents they ask for. Don't subtract from it, don't wildly add to it. They know the process and what paperwork is going to be needed, so your petition doesn't get hung up on senseless omissions or mundane details.

    I can only stress the fact that if you don't get a competent attorney involved early enough, there may be simply nothing they can do to fix what you may have just messed up. The earlier you get the attorney involved, the better they can make a solid plan for your situation to move forward. My first petition I ended up calling him at the perfect time - before I even started the process. And I'm extremely glad I did.

    Definitely money well spent, and the results speak for themselves - three successful petitions in a row, more to come.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Richard

    Hired Attorney

    Honesty, Integrity, Trustworthy, Valuable Service

    I first hired Larry Holmes to guide me through getting my wife and daughter a visa to join me in the USA two years ago.

    I made the decision to hire Larry after over a year of frustration in personally trying to get these Visa's. My challenges included travelling half way around the world to meet with my own US Embassy and being treated rather poorly by our own embassy personnel. My wife had to go to the Embassy three times and was humiliated each time by the same personnel.

    I am an aerospace engineer, and I am used to doing a lot of research to find facts. When I searched for an immigration attorney I discovered that all the websites made the same promises with the exception of Larry Holmes. I called several of these Law Firms before Larry and they all made the same claims. When I got around to speaking with Larry personally, I knew right away that Larry was the ONLY attorney that understood the new laws and practices for immigration.

    Larry's staff was excellent in helping my wife getting her spouse visa two years ago. The day they arrived in the USA, 100% of all their paperwork was properly completed and Green Cards were issued so fast I couldn't believe it.

    After two years in the USA, I hired Larry Holmes to extend my family's green cards. We were very concerned to get all of the Visa extension completed in a timely manner because the Green cards were about to expire right as we were returning from our first trip overseas to visit family. Larry's assistant Yvonne handled everything perfectly according to the timing of our plans.

    Now less than a month after returning from overseas, and these Visa's have been extended with no problems at all. Great thanks to Yvonne for taking good care of us.

    I definitely plan to hire Larry again next year when the time comes for my wife and daughter to gain citizenship.

    This has been money well spent for us after first seeing how poorly the US Government Immigration System treats applicants both in the USA and overseas at the Embassy. I will tell you I felt like I was in a Martin Scorsese movie when I tried to go it alone. With Larry on my side it was a completely different story. When you hire a good attorney like Larry Holmes, the government knows you are serious about your application.

    Larry is a Vietnam Veteran who went on to a career as an attorney. Thank you for your service back then, and thank you for coming home and making a difference representing those of us that need your help.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Cyle

    Peace of mind

    Absolutely wonderful support through the entire process! Very patient through three years of dealing with slow foreign gov'ts and courts, and always ready to move forward every step of the way! Would recommend in a heartbeat and I am also utilizing them for AOS support!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by David


    Personal attention from a dedicated team of superior professionals who sincerely care about you and your loved one. My wife (Jamaica) and I can echo all of the other folks you see in all the rest of these testimonials. Never experienced hiring someone from so far away (I’m in New Orleans), but that first phone call with Mr Larry truly set my mind at ease. I had initially inquired about a fiancée visa, with the intention of marrying in the U.S. during the 90 day window. But after our discussion revealed that she had already been denied a tourist visa on several occasions due to “no significant reasons to return (to Jamaica)” {…all of her family and friends…???!!}, he bluntly asked me, “Do you want to marry the girl?” When I immediately answered “Yes”, he plainly told me to “get your ass down there, marry her THERE, and we’ll bring her here as your WIFE!” That was it….I was SOLD!

    Not only that, but simply the fact that I went to the extent of hiring an immigration specialist, made a HUGE impact on my wife’s family and friends, especially her Mom and her best friend! They knew then that I was truly serious, and it made such a difference in their willingness to support her in her decision to leave her home country. This is a very lengthy process, and Mr Larry’s staff was incredibly responsive to any and all requests from my wife and myself. In particular, during our process, the Immigration Service decided to upgrade their system from using printed forms to online forms! We were instantly alerted by our paralegal to this change, and swiftly submitted the required documents so we experienced the least amount of delay possible. No telling how long all that would have taken us without the outstanding expertise of the folks who were always at the ready, and looking out for us!

    The most significant impact of having Mr Holmes and his staff on your team is at the moment of truth….when your loved one steps up to that window. The interviewer at the embassy has a professionally prepared packet before them. They know that this person at the counter is NOT ALONE, and that they are represented by an attorney from the U.S.! That already speaks volumes in favor of “proof of a sincere relationship” before your loved one even opens their mouth!

    My wife came in with a large 3 ring binder of our correspondence, bank records, tax returns, phone bills (YIKES!!). Imagine her reaction when the interviewer told her she didn’t really need all of that, he had everything he needed right in front of him! He only asked maybe a dozen questions at most, including if she had any recent photos of the two of us together. Her confidence soared when she sweetly told him, “Of course!” “We have some we took outside a few minutes ago, but my husband is holding my phone….shall I go fetch him?” His next question, “Will you be leaving the country immediately after this interview? …because your visa is APPROVED!” When she exited the embassy and rounded the corner, I didn’t even have to ask how it went, she was only about four feet off the ground!!

    Our gratitude cannot be measured, and the difference in our lives is beyond my ability to describe in words. Too bad I don’t have a way of adding the sound of our hearts beating alongside each other for the purpose of this testimonial….just use your imagination! Believe me, it's a VERY happy sound!!

    Currently, we are looking forward to removing my wife’s “conditional” status in the coming months, and once we pass the three year mark, she will apply for U.S. citizenship. Naturally, we will seek out Mr Larry Holmes and his tremendous staff at kvisas to ensure an absolutely flawless process!

    God Bless y’all

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Charles

    We could never have gone through this journey without their help!

    We cannot give enough praise for all that Lawrence R Holmes Immigration Attorneys did for us! We had initially spoken with Christopher in relation to our case where he explained the immigration process to us very clearly and what was involved. We decided to hire them for their services which was the best decision we ever made. We were assigned Diana Nunez as our paralegal and she was very professional and understanding throughout the whole process. She was always very helpful with any questions we had and always on point with responses and deadlines. We were approved for my wife's residency status with condition. Two years later we re-hired there services to have the conditional status removed. We have now been approved for my wife's permanent residency status and could not be happier! Diana and team made such a stressful time so much easier for us as we always felt like we were in good hands. We could never have gone through this journey without their help. We could never thank you enough for all you have done for us!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Karin

    CR-1 Visa for my Egyptian Husband

    My husband Mostafa and I (American citizen) lived in Luxor, Egypt. I had moved to Egypt in early 2010 and we purchased a home, planning to live there. My husband is a Spanish Tour Guide. Unfortunately, the political situation began to deteriorate and due to increasing violence the tourists stayed away. In addition, anti-American sentiments increased and I no longer felt safe. We decided to begin the green card process for my husband.

    Our situation was by no means ordinary due to a rather large age difference, which meant more hurdles to overcome. We knew that we needed a great lawyer to assist us. After a long search we decided to retain Mr. Holmes' firm. YVONNE, a paralegal specialist at the firm, guided us step by step via emails, long-distance telephone calls, documents shipped from Egypt to California and vice versa, and prepared Mostafa for his personal interview at the American Embassy in Cairo. We needed a lot of additional information to bolster our case and to prove that our marriage is authentic. Cancelled appointments due to Embassy closings and subsequent rescheduling made the scenario even more challenging. The interview finally happened but we needed additional documents to prove our case. Step-by-step Yvonne pulled us through. Mostafa received the visa and we traveled to he US in January of 2013.

    2 years after our entry into the US, Yvonne assisted us in removing the conditions of the temporary green card and Mostafa was approved for the permanent green card. It will not end there, because in October Mostafa will again retain the firm to begin his citizenship process.

    I am convinced that we could not have achieved our goal without Yvonne's professional expertise.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by GEOFFREY




  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Bethany

    Best decision made!

    Hiring Lawrence R Holmes and his team to assist my husband and I with my immigration into the U.S was the best decision we could have made! From the initial phone call to discuss our options through to the excitement of learning of the success of our petition, they have been with us every step of the way offering advice and answering any questions or queries we had. The process was smooth and simple, and at no point did my husband or I feel worried or concerned about what was happening as we knew we could trust and rely on Mr. Holmes' team. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an effective and professional immigration attorney.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Candy

    Knowledgeable, Helpful, & Amazing Staff

    I researched a lot of lawyers, spoke with some, and I ended up choosing Lawrence R Holmes. Interestingly enough he was not even in my state, but that's how comfortable I was with him. He's a really good lawyer because he had me at hello. His staff is simply amazing and was always there to help with questions, etc.
    He was able to give me assurance and confidence in moving along with a decision that was very difficult to even begin. I highly recommend him because I believe him and his staff are dedicated, professional, and just downright caring.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Vikki

    Thank you!

    My husband and I are both so happy with the services provided by Lawrence Holmes and his team. A great big thank you to Diana, who worked closely with us and explained every step clearly and made the entire Adjustment of Status process a lot less daunting than wading through it on our own. Thank you!
    Tom and Vikki