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Del Rio v. CreditAnswers, LLC, 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 89181 (S.D. Cal. Aug. 26, 2010)

Case Conclusion Date: 08.26.2010

Practice Area: Debt Settlement

Outcome: Pending

Description: The Complaint asserts seven causes of action: (1) violation of California Business and Professions Code 17200; (2) violation of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act, Cal. Civ. Code 1770(a)(7), 1770(a)(19); (3) violation of the Credit Repair Organizations Act, 15 U.S.C. 1679; (4) intentional interference with contractual relations; (5) tort in essence; (6) negligence per se; and (7) declaratory relief. The Complaint includes class action allegations related to three putative classes consisting of "all persons in California" who have "engaged the ... services of CreditAnswers" in the four years preceding the filing of the Complaint. The Complaint seeks compensatory and punitive damages, a permanent injunction, attorney's fees, and "the Contract [between Plaintiff and Defendant] be adjudged rescinded and canceled." The Complaint alleges that "Plaintiff seeks actual, statutory and punitive damages in excess of $5,000...."

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