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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    "Stroke" of Luck

    My boyfriend was charged with felony sales of narcotics, felony possession of a controlled substance, and felony possession of ammunition by an ex-felon.

    Mike Fremont steps up in court and negotiates the charges with the DA. The modified charges become misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance for personal use and possession of ammunition. My boyfriend pled guilty and was sentenced to a 270-day suspended sentence with a typical 3-year 4th waiver formal probation package which he signed and failed to follow through.

    My boyfriend suffered a stroke and I became his caretaker. I reviewed the conditions of his probation because he was picked up for a violation for not reporting to probation.

    I contacted Mike Fremont in a state of outrage. I begged him to fight for my boyfriend and get him an appropriate sentence because he was just unable to meet the terms of his sentence in his physical condition and I could not carry him myself.

    In court, Mike touched on every matter I had asked him to and my boyfriend was released within hours and the terms of his new probation were drastically modified to accommodate his disabilities.

    Mike Fremont has a courtroom presence that screams for fair and reasonable terms and in our case, they were all met.

    Thank you, Mr. Fremont for recognizing and demanding fairness in an imperfect judicial system. We are deeply grateful to you for helping us through the legal battle.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mike Fremont, San Diego's DUI Guy...

    DUI #4 is a felony in California. It means the slap on the wrist days are over and a pretty hefty jail or prison sentence awaits you, if convicted.

    A criminal predicament like this may be one of the most expensive investments you make because it requires an attorney who will fight for your life as if it was his own. Your choice of counsel will must be wise because it will determine your freedom, your peace of mind, your occupation and reputation to name a few.

    I was lucky to find a fighter to handle the 3 DUI's I was facing. I felt protected with my life in his hands and then he suddenly died.

    I searched the web for the toughest and most successful DUI attorney San Diego had to offer and hundreds of lawyers and firms popped up all claiming to be rated #1 by some magazine or winner of some local award for attorney of the year.

    This method was not going to work – evidently, San Diego has a tie and every DUI lawyer won first place. I found Mike Fremont through a friend of my deceased lawyer and he became my fighter. I watched him with a critical eye every step of the way. He had my life in his hands – I made poor legal decisions in the past with attorneys who did not care. I was not going to make a foolish decision again.

    The battle is now over and I would not be sitting here at my desk writing an AVVO review if we lost. The outcome for all 3 DUI’s plus the prior was one I can live with. I was sentenced to 5-years of informal probation, 120-days of electronic ankle monitoring and one multiple offender DUI class running all 3 DUI’s concurrently. My license is revoked for 6-months and no device is required for the car when I drive again.

    In closing, I want to share my first morning in court with Mike. It was interesting because he had 4 different clients in 4 separate courtrooms and was able to appear for each one without making anyone wait. That spoke volumes to me – his clients liked him and the court personnel all knew him. Thanks, Mike, for being a major part of my case. You are appreciated.

  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Extremely poor service

    My experience with this attorney was very disappointing. He repeatedly forgot who I was when I contacted him, gave me wrong information, and was very difficult to get ahold of. His manner was very short and curt.

    Michael Jon Fremont’s response: “I provide my cell number to all clients. When a client calls and I am not at the office I always ask that they allow me to call back when I have their case file in front of me. When a client make a cold call and contacts me I do not have the case file. I have received 114 reviews only 9 or 10 are negative. Please also read my attorney endorsements.”
  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    - Terrible Expirience -

    I received a dui last year. I spoke with many lawyers, Fremont was the last one I met. We did a little research and knew that he had been in the field for a long time. We heard the hype "San Diego's most feared DUI attorney". He was less expensive than some and when he met with us he seemed trustworthy as far as I could tell based on a half hour conversation. So I paid him $1200 for handling the DMV hearing which came long before they even filed the criminal charges. The 1st troubling thing was that the day after our first meeting he needed to be reminded of nearly all the facts from the previous day. He would have to be reminded who I was 2 more times before he was done representing me. But at that point I had spoke with so many lawyers and wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt because he talks with a lot of people and mostly because I didn't want to continue the lawyer search. I should have listened to my better judgement. His entire demeanor was different the next day when I came to pay. He made odd conversation about a movie called "Savages". He again tried to pressure me into paying for the DMV and Criminal hearing when I hadn't been charged yet criminally and didn't end up getting charged criminally for another 7 months. After paying contacting him was difficult. In total he called me once the day I left a message to schedule an appointment, once the next day to confirm delivery of payment and then again 2 days after the DMV hearing had already taken place. I got the maximum penalty from the DMV and decided to go with a public defender for the criminal trial.

    Michael Jon Fremont’s response: “I give my cell number to all my clients so that they may contact me. My office staff always returns phone calls and emails. I attempt to make it easy and not difficult. The DMV is all or nothing suspension no minimum or maximum. I am sorry that this client did not have a good experience. Please read all reviews out of 114 I have 9 or 10 negartives”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert Johnson

    Only observed in court.

    Having had a public defender, I certainly wish I would have washed dishes for a year to pay for Mr. Fremont's legal services. He literally educated Judge Camarena and Deputy City Attorney Nicholas Thomo as to the letter of the law and when someone is or is not required to appear in court. He had printed handouts for the Judge and the City Prosecutors. The entire spectating court room as well as the aforementioned were jaw-dropped and stupefied. He commanded the entire court room and made Nicholas Thomo look like a law school dropout. Oh how Mr. Thomo tried to save face, but Mr. Fremont was not having it.

    It's apparent that some people are just gifted and love what they do. Mr. Fremont exudes confidence and not in the manner of false bravado as Mr. Thomo. Mr. Fremont's confidence comes from truly knowing the law and having the brass balls to back it up. Never have I seen an attorney with so much moxie, that the Judge and Deputy City Attorney kept quiet while Mr. Fremont have them a lesson from first year law school.

    It was an embarrassing situation for Camarena and Thomo as they looked as if that were second graders being scolded by the school principal. My legal outcome was much less than satisfactory, but watching Mr. Fremont in action was worth it.

    If I am ever in need of legal assistance in the future, and I hope that I am not, Mr. Fremont well certainly be my go to guy.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by M. Rodriguez

    DUI with an accident review

    I received a felony DUI with a hit and run charge. I called Michael Fremont for legal assistance. Mr Fremont was very responsive to my case and was able to have my hit and run charge dismissed and lowered my charges to misdemeanors. Mr. Fremont kept me informed throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Mr Fremont to anyone going through or needing legal services.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client


    Even after all is said and done he has came to my rescue not once but twice since my case has ended in early September 2014. Which is when I had intended on writing this.
    He was the 1st lawyer I met with regarding my 1st and last DUI Case and I definitely made the right choice. Everyone was giving me grief for retaining a lawyer in a first offense . Everyone didn't know the entire story, I was actually charged with a Felony DUI/ drug possession, and a higher BAC (.16) I felt like I needed one since I had just gotten out of a messy custody battle. He is a very straightforward, no BS kind of attorney . He won't tell you something because it's what you want to hear like a lot of other attorneys will just to make a few bucks.
    He got me the best deal possible without going to trial ( financial decision) and has now gotten me 2 extensions and a warrant recalled for missing some of my probation terms .

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jackie

    Divine Intervention.

    Mr. Fremont was the intervention needed in order to save my life as well as my sanity.
    I was on a course leading to certain death and could not find the strength to save myself.
    After being arrested for DUI'S that would certainly amount to jail and possibly a felony conviction,
    Mr. Fremont intervened to make this not the reality and was able to persuade the Judge to have me wear the SCRAM anklet as well as attend AA. This allowed the freedom to come home and keep my job and home.

    A year of waiting for the sentence had me very apprehensive, yet, God, and Mr. Fremont, kept me calm and gave me the strength to confront the outcome. Mr. Fremont continuously kept me informed and provided the reassurance to feel secure with his diligence to intervene and keep me free.

    Mr. Fremont performed the impossible, in my mind, with the result. His extraordinary work set me free to walk from the courtroom with no jail time, no felony, no fines. Divine.
    The judge, the bailiff, the courtroom clerk, all were considerate to suggest what a transformation from the first time seeing me a year prior. Mr. Fremont told in 27 years of work, he had not witnessed this.

    The simple truth and fact is Mr. Fremont took his brilliance and determination to task, and this provided all in the courtroom witness to a miracle.

    Mr. Fremont, you saved my life, quite literally.

    Perhaps, if you need this miracle, this Divine intervention, let me once more give his name..
    Mr. Michael Jon Fremont.

    Happy Easter, Mr. Fremont.

    I am free to enjoy this Easter day in God's majesty.

    Thank you.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Amazing and professional attorney!!!

    I was in a super tough spot legally and needed immediate assistance. Mr. Fremont not only came to my aid immediately but went above and beyond my expectations. He was extremely thorough and professional and handled my case with the utmost care and attentiveness. He really knows what he is doing and I was extremely satisfied with the outcome. I highly recommend Mr. Fremont and would use him again.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Greatest DUI attorney.

    My story is not made up for any marketing reasons it's 100% true for anyone who is in need of a great DUI attorney.
    I was on vacation in San Diego with my 2 kids and was pulled over. I blew a .10 and since one of kids were under 14 and had a felony DUI 9 years ago less than 10 years rule, it was not looking good for me. They were offering me 6 years prison term with halftime but Mr. Fremont did the unthinkable. He negotiated only 4 months of work furlough, probation and dui classes. I was able to keep my job, keep my family and made a choice never to drink again. I have now been sober for over 4 years since the incident and my life is 100 times better. This would have not happened if i had been sent to prison. I would have lost everything including my family, job and sanity. Unfortunately I have made some stupid mistakes which required the help of criminal attorneys. I owe Mr Fremont at the very least to write this review to pass my experience to someone who may be dealing with a DUI. Don't be fooled DUI's are very serious and will stay in your record. This why you should hire Mr Fremont to represent you and give you a chance to either minimize the punishment or get it thrown out of court. If you're reading this because you received a DUI call Mr Michael Fremont. He is the best DUI attorney!
    Mr. Fremont I want to thank you again you really did save my life. From the bottom of my heart I thank you.