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Michael Jon Fremont

About Michael Fremont

About me

I am considered by prosecutors as the most feared DUI attorney in San Diego County. I have represented persons accused of DUI  for over 26 years, including other attorneys, athlets, teachers, nurses, doctors, mechanics, peace officers, and even a member of the clergy. I have earned a national and state wide reputation for my knowledge and skills in DUI/DMV  defense and am highly respected by other defense attorneys, judges and prosecutors.I am considered to be among the best DUI defense attorneys in California.


Clients appreciate the comprehensive and supportive legal representation they receive from my staff and  me.  I have successfully represented clients throughtout San Diego in cases from first time DUI/Drunk Driving offenses to repeat DUI offenders as well as felony DUI charges with injury and deasth cases that can carry signifigant penalties, including jail or prison time.


My father was a lawyer, my uncles were lawyers and my cousins are lawyers. I was born for this. A 26 year legal career gives me a depth of experience others don't have and is a key ingrediant in my representation. Criminal defense was and is my calling. My expertise is DUI defense.  I have provided training to other lawyers and have put together DUI defense material that is used by other attorneys throughout California.   


Getting arrested for a DUI does not have to be a devistating experience. A  well qualified attorney, such as myself ,can and often does make all the difference. Please look over the attorney endorsements, and client reviews, then call me anytime (760) 613-5384 (cell) direct.  



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