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  1. Arrested for the first time for shoplifting what to do in this case hire a lawyer or as for one in court?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

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    Public Defenders are (usually) excellent attorneys who have dedicated their lives to criminal law. They are not second-hand lawyers, they are great. However, Public Defenders are extremely busy. When you show up for your arraignment, you will be 1 of 50 clients they help that day. Moreover, you will likely get a different public defender for your next hearing. On the other hand, If you go with a private attorney, you will also get excellent service. Not only that, but you will have an attorney...

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  2. Should I bring a lawyer with me to answer some questions in a possible ongoing investigation, should I be concerned?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

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    Even in your case -- when you have not been arrested and they have not told you that you are a "suspect" -- you should politely decline their questions, as it is your constitutional right to do so. If you feel that you must talk to them, bring an attorney. If you cannot get an attorney before the interview, postpone the interview until you can get an attorney.

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  3. I have a question please regarding a domestic violence TRO

    Answered about 1 year ago.

    1. Timothy Miranda
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    yes. First you need to file your TRO asap. If the judge grants it, a hearing will be set a few weeks from that date. At that hearing, you can bring your daughter and/or any other witness you would like to have testify. Also, since your daughter is not 18 yet, you may be able to file the TRO to protect her as well. There are domestic violence clinics through legal aid that provide free help in filling out TRO forms and the requisite declaration. I wish you the best of luck in this matter.

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  4. If you have 2 misdemeanors, can you still work as a paralegal?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

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    I agree with the aforementioned answers above. If you are concerned about your record, you should consult with an attorney. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be eligible to file for early termination of probation. If the judge grants you early termination, you can then move for an expungement. Then you can apply to jobs without needing to disclose your status as a probationer. Good luck!

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  5. What sentence I'm I looking at ? Should I get a lawyer ? What if I can't afford one?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Anthony Michael Solis
    2. James Brian Campbell
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    4. Patricia Marie Alleborn
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    You first court date will be arraignment. During arraignment you will formally receive your charges and your constitutional rights will explained to you. At this time you have a choice whether to plead guilty or not guilty. Based on the facts of your case, your attorney will likely advise you to plead not guilty. The good news is that you don't have to say anything during this court date. Your attorney --whether you retain an attorney or go with the public defender -- will explain your choice...

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  6. Can legal status in the U.S. be taken away if you are charged with domestic violence?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Patricia Marie Alleborn
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    The answer depends on what his legal status is currently. However, the general answer is that any criminal conviction can have immigration consequences, including deportation. It is important that he get counseled from both a criminal defense and an immigration attorney. Criminal Cases can have dire repercussions for a person's immigration status including deportation. Special rules such as how to phrase a plea bargain and even what constitutes as an acceptable plea apply to people facing both...

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  7. When, and how can I plea the 5th !??

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. William Peter Daley
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    First of all, get an attorney and discuss this with them. If you are the defendant cannot afford an attorney a public defender will be appointed for you. As a defendant, you choose whether or not you want to testify. If you are not a defendant, but you are actually a witness, you can still plead the 5th. However, pleading the fifth doesn't protect witnesses from testifying completely. A witness can refuse to testify only when the testimony has the possibility of incriminating themselves....

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  8. Can I get my citizenship eventhough I have a DUI with two misdemeanor counts?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

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    I agree with the other attorneys; it is important to get a good immigration attorney who understands how to navigate these issues. With that being said, a criminal defense attorney may be able to request an expungement in your DUI case. An expungement -- if granted -- may mitigate the effect of your conviction. I have posted some information about expungements on my website, feel free to check it out: I hope for a favorable outcome in...

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  9. What evidence is needed convict domestic violence case

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. David Philip Shapiro
    2. Patricia Marie Alleborn
    3. Robert Edward Fenster
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    In Domestic Violence Cases, often times the couple is extremely passionate and heated. This means that sometimes one of the parties can fabricate or exaggerate what happened, either due to the heat of the moment or perhaps the desire to get back at their partner. Officers write down these statements and these statements are then given to the prosecutors office where the prosecutor decides to move forward or not. Unfortunately, I have worked on cases where the spouse/partner goes to the...

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  10. How can the police come to my house, enter without knocking, and take my son? what can i do?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Sean Patrick Lewis
    2. Anthony Michael Solis
    3. Patricia Marie Alleborn
    4. Jennifer Ani
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    PC 273(b) is a criminal charge. I would contact a defense attorney right away to discuss whether the prosecutor filed the charges and, if so, what you can do to fight them. It's possible you could be facing criminal charges, as well as a dependency issue. Dependency Court is separate than criminal court, and your dependency proceedings will determine where your child goes. If I were you, I would try to find an attorney who has both criminal and dependency experience so that the attorney can...

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