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Pajman Jassim

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  • Would work with again and again and again

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lena

    Hired attorney

    My situation turned ugly very quickly after my dog and I were attacked by two unleashed Pomeranians. Their owners were just as unreasonable and irrational as their dogs. Besides injury to the nerve in my hand their little piranhas caused, the owners continued to harass me with letters and threats.
    A friend recommended Jassim & Associates. Pajman and I spoke and he felt that he can help me get a resolution. The office immediately started working. Their customer service shattered all my expectations. Lora, Mio, Nathan and Pajman are an incredible and very professional team. From making sure I completely understand every step of the process, to attending every doctor appointment with me, to helping me schedule and keep all my records. It was an incredible feeling being made part of this team, not as just some client, but part of a team working together to reach a resolution. When it came time to making some very important final decisions, Pajman went into detail and thoroughly explained all of my options, possibilities and outcomes. There was not one point during this process where I was not clear about the information presented. For most people, as well as myself, lawsuits are a very intimidating process and hiring Pajman and his team, besides a great decision, made me feel sure that whatever the best possible outcome, their team will reach it.

  • Excellent Lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michelle

    Consulted attorney

    I am excited to write a positive review for Pajman Jassim. My specific incident never made it to court but he spent endless hours consulting with me on the telephone. I would make an appointment and he was always available within a day or two. He was very professional and provided answers and helpful, honest feedback for me constantly. I actually learned a lot about the legal system as he consulted with me. I would highly recommend this lawyer.

  • Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Katie

    Hired attorney

    Pajman was recommended to me by a friend after my dog and I were attacked by a Pit Bull during a daily walk. My dog sustained injuries to her head and neck and I was bit on the thumb and suffered a torn tendon. After contacting the owner of the dog, it was clear that I needed a lawyer to help me settle. Pajman took my call while he was on vacation and was helpful from the first phone call. After meeting with him in person, I was confident that his experience and expertise would help me settle the case quickly and in the best manner possible. I had never been through an experience like this before and Pajman's advice and consultations were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. In the end, my dog's vet bills were completely paid for by the attacking dog's owner and I received a settlement to cover my medical bills and any future treatments for my thumb. I am very satisfied by Pajman's effort and I thank him for guiding me through this process.

  • Dental Malpractice Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I found and hired Pajman Jassim through AVVO for representation in a dental malpractice suit against the United States. He, his associate attorney Nathan Batterman and all the Staff at Jassim & Associates took care of me from start to finish. Prior to Pajman taking my case, other attorneys did not want to take the case. Despite this, Jassim & Associates took the case, and fought every step of the way for my rights.

    Jassim & Associates found the best experts and oral surgeons to examine my injury, and testify on our behalf. Pajman researched all the details about my injury, and the way it occurred. Although the defendant’s doctors/experts testified that my injuries were unavoidable, Pajman proved otherwise by citing to all the research and texts relating to tooth extractions. Above this, he and his firm cared about me, and wanted me to have some justice for the life-long injury that I suffered.

    Pajman took numerous depositions, and through this proved that the dentist that injured me committed malpractice. Ultimately the case settled at mediation, and I am very pleased with the result. Although my injury is permanent, this negative experience was transformed into something positive that my husband and I can build from. My Husband and I are more than pleased with Jassim and Associates. We want to thank everyone there for always being there for Myself and My Family. This has been the most difficult time of my life and I am honored to write this review to acknowledge such wonderful people.
    I would not hesitate to recommend Pajman and his firm to anyone who has suffered a personal injury, no matter who the defendant might be. In this case, we were certainly up against a Goliath of a defendant, specifically the United States Govt. That did not deter Pajman, and the results of my case prove it.

  • Competent and professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    My wife and I were clients of Mr. Jassim in a personal injury matter. He had been recommended by a friend of ours. Under Mr. Jassim’s competent and professional direction, our case was settled expeditiously in an amount that we believe was fair to both sides. He, his associate Nathan Batterman, and the office staff worked together to make the experience as stress-free as possible. Even though the amount involved was not great, we never felt that our interests were slighted.

    I was particularly impressed by the thoroughness with which Mr. Jassim prepared my wife for her deposition. Her effectiveness in responding to opposing counsel’s questions probably was an important element in the negotiated settlement, which followed soon thereafter.

    We wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Jassim to anyone in need of personal injury representation.

  • Forget Saul, better call Pajman!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    I was involved in an accident that was not my fault. I sustained heavy, life changing injuries and was taken to a hospital that was not of my choosing. This started the ball rolling for heavy medical bills that my health provider would not cover. I was in the hospital for nine days; I was unable to care for myself and had been reduced to dependence on others for food, dressing and cleanliness. I was in dire straits and was not sure where to turn for help.
    A friend of mine recommended that I speak with Pajman. This is one of the best decisions that I made during this difficult time. Pajman and his team are all very professional, welcoming and knowledgeable. Beyond this they went the extra mile to explain everything to me. I was informed that my case would be very difficult to win, because there are extra laws in place when facing a government entity and the odds were stacked against me.
    This did not deter Pajman from taking my case and really putting his money where his mouth was. First they were able to find records that showed that the conditions that led to the accident were known about and ignored. Second the team got me the medical follow up care that I needed. Third they found an army of experts who were able to prove my case. Then there was the vigorous prosecution of the case on my behalf by Pajman himself, from videotaped depositions, scene investigation, throughout the entire discovery process.
    I have to say that anytime that I reached out to Pajman and his team; I was given the correct information in a very timely manner. I have heard horror stories about being ignored by lawyers because perhaps the amount of money in the case is not significant. This was most assuredly not the case here, they made me feel like I was part of a family and that my concerns were just as important to them as they were to me.
    This was my first legal case and I could not be more satisfied with the outcome. We were able to reach a settlement with the government. I feel like my case was handled with the utmost professionalism and care, I cannot recommend Jassim and Associates in higher terms. If you need legal representation and want to have a positive experience, call Pajman and his team.

  • Unfailingly honest and straightforward attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marilyn

    Because, as a retired attorney, I consider myself a good judge of others in my profession, I feel confident in unconditionally recommending Jassim & Associates. Although I am a graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law, my career was spent in Sacramento. I therefore have few connections with my hometown’s legal community. When my husband and I needed a personal injury attorney, I asked friends for suggestions, and after some research, decided on Mr. Jassim. We were not disappointed in our choice.

    Mr. Jassim, his associate Nathan Batterman, and all the office staff are professional, pleasant, and accommodating. Our calls were returned promptly; our questions were answered thoroughly, and we were kept up-to-date on the progress of our case. Mr. Jassim, who was unfailingly honest and straightforward about the prospects for recovery, told us what he thought the case was worth, and he proved remarkably prescient on that score.

    Despite the fact that our matter did not involve a large sum of money, we always felt that we were important to the office and that Mr. Jassim and Mr. Batterman put as much energy into getting us a reasonable settlement as they would have if a much larger amount had been involved.

  • Excellence in Attorney Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Julie

    Mr. Jassim represented my son in a criminal case. The outcome of the case was more than we ever expected and one that assisted my son in all current and future endeavors in his life. What I most appreciated is that he truly valued the input of family and friends (non-attorneys). Everyone felt they were important in providing valuable information to him in preparation of my son's case. He gave excellent advice and direction. He responded by phone or e-mail in a timely manner (always same day and usually within hours). He was very well prepared for the hearing. After the hearing he made himself available to clarify things and to continue his support of my son.

  • Greatful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Mr. Jassim represented me in a criminal felony expungment case. From day one he was nothing but honest with me about the possible outcomes. He was confident and eager to help me get my life back. He researched every code and clause pertaining to my case and kept me informed. All documents he prepared were sent to me for review and nothing was submitted without my approval. He kept in close contact with me over the few months as the case progressed. He made sure I had a good understanding of any advice given. He explained everything to me in a way that a “non-attorney” could understand. He prepared package to the courts that was very impressive. We did a ton of preparation for the hearing and were ready for whatever the DA or Judge might throw at us. I felt like he had every angle covered. He was ready for the challenge and was confident which really kept my nerves down. The great part about all this is that he never had to say one word in court. The DA put up a small fight and based on the thorough package he put together, the judge granted all requests without question. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I would recommend Pajman to anyone that wants a trustworthy, smart, hard working, reliable and prepared attorney.

  • Satisfied client, Jonathon

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Litigation client

    Mr. Jassim and his staff helped me with a personal injury matter.
    From the very beginning, I knew that I could trust their judgment
    and was in good hands. The other party's insurance company refused
    to offer a reasonable settlement , but Mr. Jassim and his office fought
    hard against the opposing party's insurance and attorneys. Ultimately,
    Mr. Jassim was able to obtain the maximum insurance policy by preparing
    the case and publishing for trial. Also Mr. Jassim obtained sanctions against
    the insurance company from the court! Mr. Jassim and his team were always
    available to answer any questions and they fully prepared me for the different
    facets of my case. During the entire process, they were
    very professional and I always felt like they truly cared about me.