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  • Should i get an attorney for my case for a DUI conviction?

    Asked by a user in Palm Desert, CA - about 1 year ago.

    Call the DMV and schedule a hearing anyway! Although you were not given a pink temporary license, you are relying on the integrity and/or know-how of the officer to admit he has not served you notice...

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  • What to do during a DUI checkpoint?

    Asked by a user in Los Angeles, CA - over 1 year ago.

    With all due respect, if you're taking enough of your medication that you're concerned that you are anywhere near the legal limit, don't drive. As Mr. Fremont said essentially, you shouldn't have an...

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  • Boyfriend got arrested and charged with driving in a suspended license because of a dui what should i expect in court

    Asked by a user in San Diego, CA - about 3 years ago.

    I agree that it is advisable to consult an attorney at this point. If his license was suspended because of a DUI conviction -- possibly noncompliance with a probation requirement that he didn't know...

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  • Can my driving privileges be reinstated in FULL if I install an IID?

    Asked by a user in Huntington Beach, CA - over 3 years ago.

    Not according to §13352 of the Vehicle Code. More information is needed (1st / 2nd / 3rd offense? Misdemeanor or felony?) On 2nd offense convictions (not to be confused with an administrative...

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  • When does the mandatory 30 day license suspension go into affect?

    Asked by a user in Chino Hills, CA - about 4 years ago.

    Reading into your question, it appears that someone (either in person or through a website) advised you of the ability to obtain a restricted license. This is true; however, it is highly recommended...

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