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  1. Should i get an attorney for my case for a DUI conviction?

    Answered 12 months ago.

    1. Joseph Briscoe Dane
    2. Cambria L Lisonbee
    3. Kevin Samuel Sullivan
    4. Matthew Ian Terry
    5. Michael James Kennedy
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    Call the DMV and schedule a hearing anyway! Although you were not given a pink temporary license, you are relying on the integrity and/or know-how of the officer to admit he has not served you notice (in which case, you would receive a letter in the mail from the DMV giving you 14 additional days to request a hearing). If there is no sworn statement written by the officer (Form DS-367), the DMV will notify you at a later date -- but only if you request a hearing. You have nothing to lose...

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  2. What to do during a DUI checkpoint?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Philip Daniel Hache
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    With all due respect, if you're taking enough of your medication that you're concerned that you are anywhere near the legal limit, don't drive. As Mr. Fremont said essentially, you shouldn't have an amount of alcohol [ethanol] in any medication that would put you anywhere near the 0.08% limit. However, if you are taking a medication with various ingredients that can cause sedative effects, it's not a DUI checkpoint that is your primary concern. If you are involved in an accident -- even if it's...

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  3. Boyfriend got arrested and charged with driving in a suspended license because of a dui what should i expect in court

    Answered about 3 years ago.

    1. Aaron Todd Hicks
    2. Matthew Ian Terry
    3. David Jon Pullman
    4. James J White
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    I agree that it is advisable to consult an attorney at this point. If his license was suspended because of a DUI conviction -- possibly noncompliance with a probation requirement that he didn't know of -- he could be facing charges under Vehicle Code section 14601.2. As stated by Mr. Hicks, it is quite possibly a 14601.1 -- and hopefully. However, if he has already been convicted, the difference between the two statutes becomes important. If the suspension is a result of a DUI...

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  4. Can my driving privileges be reinstated in FULL if I install an IID?

    Answered over 3 years ago.

    1. Matthew Ian Terry
    2. Philip Daniel Hache
    3. Richard Lewis Grant
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    Not according to §13352 of the Vehicle Code. More information is needed (1st / 2nd / 3rd offense? Misdemeanor or felony?) On 2nd offense convictions (not to be confused with an administrative finding from a DMV hearing), we have seen letters from the DMV seemingly presenting the driver with a choice: After 90 days of hard suspension, they may either (i) obtain an IID for the remainder of 2 years and drive without restriction, OR (ii) obtain a restricted license for the remainder of 2...

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  5. When does the mandatory 30 day license suspension go into affect?

    Answered about 4 years ago.

    1. Robert Lee Marshall
    2. Matthew Ian Terry
    3. Joseph Briscoe Dane
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    Reading into your question, it appears that someone (either in person or through a website) advised you of the ability to obtain a restricted license. This is true; however, it is highly recommended to contact an attorney in your area. You have ten calendar days from the date of the arrest to contact the DMV Driver Safety Office in your county to request a hearing. Your driver's license is considered a "protectible property interest" by the Supreme Court, entitling you to a due process hearing...

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