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Lisa Jean Damiani

Lisa Damiani’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephen

    Federal investigation dismissal through Damiani Law Group work

    I engaged Lisa Damiani very shortly after I received a subpoena from the US Attorney's Office and a call from the FBI. I was the target of a Federal investigation involving securities and wire fraud. At first, I was extremely lost and confused. I didn't know how to engage or even look for the proper attorney. My good friends had local recommendations and after meeting with one, he directed me to Lisa. I contacted her as I left his office and we promptly set up an appointment for the next day at her office.

    Lisa literally spent hours with me the next day hearing my background, asking questions, and determining my involvement. She explained the process of the Federal system, which I knew nothing about. She explained what could possibly happen - the good, the bad, and the really ugly. After hearing me explain the situation, she concluded that my involvement in this case should not have been as a target, but rather a victim. She very easily understood the events that brought me to this point and saw that the millions of dollars I and my family, friends, and colleagues had invested had been taken from us by a very conniving individual. This individual made it seem as though my initial investment dollars would be rolled into the next company, then into the next company, etc. All the while he made promises of me taking on executive roles at these companies and many other promises. I even invested more money with him based on his sales pitches and promises, including a partnership with him.

    Lisa immediately engaged the US Attorney's office and responded to them on my behalf. I never had to speak with an FBI agent or the US Attorney again. Through meetings with Lisa and Andrew Hillier, we gathered all necessary information in a very detailed way, sorted through each individual document, email, etc., and was prepared ahead of time for all inquiries from the Federal government.

    Lisa and Andrew managed very professionally and adroitly to provide all the necessary evidence showing the Federal government and investigating agents that my role in this entire “conspiracy” was that of a victim. Shortly after the evidence was presented, Andrew received word that I was no longer under investigation. This entire experience completely turned my world upside down and it was only through my trust in Andrew and Lisa that the best possible outcome occurred. I am extremely grateful to them and I would recommend them with the most complete confidence.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by M.T.


    Before we took Lisa Damiani as our legal counsel, we had consulted with another attorney. He never returned our call. Lisa was recommended by a friend, and after having researched her profile we decided to give her a call. I ended up leaving a message. Lisa called back right away and we were able to speak with her about our case.
    Ms. Damiani has always along with her staff answered our questions and has returned our calls. She has helped us through a very trying time. She has always been very professional, and caring. It is very important to have a lawyer who will return your calls and listen to what you have to say and address those needs. Ms. Damiani and her staff seem to fit all that criteria.
    When you are in need of legal counsel, you want someone who will be in your corner, and Lisa Damiani is the one you want.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Peggy Loewy Wellisch


    In 2008, I felt lost due to a labor dispute with a major corporation until I met with Ms. Lisa Damiani, Esq. I learned about Lisa from a well-respected partner of a big law firm who told me to contact Lisa since she was, as he noted, “one of the best attorneys he had ever faced.”
    The moment I met Lisa, at the initial consultation, I had felt that she was very different from other attorneys. Lisa patiently listened to my story. She really wanted to help me with my case. Lisa asked me questions and gathered all of the facts. Lisa also explained the law to me in a way that was simple and easy for me to understand. She timely returned my calls. Lisa zealously defended me and successfully negotiated a settlement on my behalf that was far greater economically than I could ever have imagined.
    I am extremely pleased with Lisa’s expertise as an attorney and the manner in which she practiced law, which led to the successful outcome of my case. To this very day, I feel deeply grateful for Lisa’s help. I recommend Lisa to my family and friends. Lisa is as good as it gets.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sheri

    Doesn't let the ball drop!

    From the Arrest to the trial she and her staff worked on the case as if it was their only one. Walked you thru the case and each faze of the process. Lisa tells you like it is and doesn't sugar coat any part of it! No surprises to deal with. For a stand up Lawyer, you will find no other.