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John Joseph O'Brien

About John O'Brien

About me

John O'Brien owns and manages his downtown San Diego civil litigation law firm, which focuses 100% of its time representing individuals and businesses in lawsuits based on personal and business wrongdoing. 

The O'Brien Law Firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in business litigation and business disputes. As such, John O'Brien both prosecutes and defends lawsuits in areas such as breach of contract, interference with contracts, misrepresentation, fraud, trespass, defamation, theft/embezzlement, and shareholder/partner disputes. 

As the primary member of the law firm, clients are guaranteed to deal personally with John O'Brien from the first phone call through resolution, settlement, or the trial of their business litigation or personal injury lawsuit. He is available 24/7 and strives to develop personal bonds with his clients over and above an attorney-client relationship.