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John Francis Brady

John Brady’s Answers

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  • Planned bankruptcy or default

    If I do not make any more charges on my credit cards for 6 months, pay the minimum or a little more, how would this affect my case, for a planned bankruptcy or default? I have used my card to help a family member and they helped to make payments, ...

    John’s Answer

    There is a 90 day presumption period where it is in a creditors favor to challenge the debt or debts. My general recommendation for credit cards is don't use them and if you are going to wait and you should wait more than 90 days, at least pay something to let the creditor know you are not just taking the money and running. If you show some good faith they usually leave you alone. But I do not have all your payment and charging history--so this is only a general recommendation and your case/situation needs individual attention and bankruptcy attorney advice, the sooner the better. Hope this helps.

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  • Time to file a complaint against a bankruptcy judge in california

    how much time after a case has closed do I have to file a complaint against a bankruptcy judge in california

    John’s Answer

    What you should do depends on the circumstances. What did the judge do or not do that you want to complain about? There are several options regarding judicial misconduct--1. you could file a written complaint with the state bar of California;--2. you could file a written complaint with the federal court under judicial misconduct and 3. you could file a written complaint with the chief bankruptcy judge in the central district of California who is located in Los Angeles, CA Judge Peter Carroll. These complaints may not get him disbarred but at least you can bring the matter to the proper authorities and let them know about your situation. It may not help you but it may help others in the future who come before this judge. I highly recommend doing one or all three of the above. There is probably little recourse you can get by filing a lawsuit against the judge unless it is really bad. Good luck. And please let the authorities know.

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