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Daniel Adam Kaplan

About Daniel Kaplan

About me

I am a business litigator who has been in practice for almost twenty years in San Diego and throughout Southern California.

I help clients resolve or litigate in court the disputes that occur everyday in business and between individuals.

I have helped many clients with contract disputes, partnership disputes, unfair competition and fraud.  We also handle real estate and construction matters.  Attorneys working on behalf of my firm handle employment matters on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants.

My client range from large corporations to local San Diego businesses to individuals.  

I began my career assisting on large, white collar cirminal matters, defending those accused of financial and tax crimes by the government.  

My experience also includes defending a large number of attorneys and accountants in professional liability cases. 

I look forward to helping each one of my clients solve the legal problems.  We have experience in most types of disputes that you might be facing.