Andrew Michael Limberg

Andrew Michael Limberg

Photos & Videos

Newscast about a client who pled guilty to a minor felony after his trial for attempted murder resulted in a hung jury.
Newscast about uncovering the withholding of police tapes.
Newscast about representing a massage therapist wrongfully arrested and prosecuted.

About Me 

     Andrew Limberg is an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney.  When you hire Andrew Limberg as your lawyer, you get both a counselor and an advocate dedicated solely to your defense.  He will inform you of what to expect at every stage of the proceedings.  He will take great pains to educate you regarding the strength and weaknesses of your case at every turn.

     If you are charged with a crime, you will have the full force of prosecutors and police arrayed against you.  Andrew Limberg will stand with you and zealously defend your rights.  He employs the best private investigators and experts to ensure your defense is thoroughly prepared. Whether you want to negotiate a plea or take your case to trial, Andrew Limberg will ensure you obtain the best possible result.

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