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James Robert Fox

About James Fox

About me

I am dedicated and aggressive family law attorney located in North County San Diego.  I handle cases in San Diego, Orange, and Riverside Counties.  If you are in need to a client-centered knowledgable family law attorney - call me we can discuss your situations.  ALL consulations are's should never charge for a job interview!


There are many lawyers to choose from and the decision to hire a professional is not easy; choose the person you are comfortable with that places your interests above their own.  And, while we all need money to survive, if the prospective attorney's focus is primarily about money - they are probably not the right lawyer.


Ask QUESTIONS!  You are interviewing someone who you need to trust, who is accessible, who treats you with respect - don't settle for the BIG name or the fancy office only.  While reputations and resources are a very important factor, it is the client who is the most important - the relationship you will have with your attorney is key.


Let your expectations be clear...what do you need from your lawyer?  Tell them.  If you are clear about what you expect the attorney can be clear if they feel they can meet those expectation.