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Michael Ernest Doukas

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Attorney Michael Doukas can be retained to help in a wide range of legal matters, including negotiation and general litigation. Attorney Michael Doukas is on the highly-regarded lawyer referral panels of the North County Bar Association, the San Diego County Bar Association.

Michael Doukas' rating of 10.0 on Avvo is the highest possible rating.

Attorney Michael Doukas litigates in California and federal court in matters concerning consumer financial issues, credit reporting, and debts. He defends consumers sued for money, and prosecutes those who would harass, abuse, or unfairly treat consumers. He also is available for general litigation for businesses or individuals.

Attorney Michael Doukas enjoys fighting his client's battles against all comers--major banks, attorneys, debt collectors, major corporations. It doesn't matter who is against him. 

Mr. Doukas is especially honored to have defended and prosecuted cases for many enlisted servicemembers. The Superior Court has appointed Mr. Doukas to represent absent servicemembers under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to determine eligibility for relief.

Attorney Mike Doukas has provided on-going support to Navy JAG in training young JAG attorneys in consumer law and consulting on their cases on a pro bono basis on an as-needed basis.

Representation in California and Federal Courts in San Diego County only.

If you are the victim of identity theft, it is possible to file a cross-claim against the Plaintiff under California Civil Code §§1798.92 et seq. You may not owe anything.

You may have any number of defenses to the lawsuit or the debt collector may not have the evidence to make their case. Usually consumers are at a loss to deal with the collector or the court. Find out. Attorney rates tailored to the amount demanded.