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About Me

Although our whole firm prides itself on being "warriors in court," I believe that I have a calling to spread the word to folks that there are alternatives to going to court.  There are alternatives like mediation, collaborative law and cooperative law.  People in our firm, and myself, had to take extra training, often at substantial expense and in other states, to be able to offer those alternative dispute methods for our clients.


Now I have hobbies of "speading the word" about those alternatives.  I appear on TV, often with other members of our firm.  I appear on radio. I write and blog.  All of these spare time activities are intended to let folks know there are lots of alternatives to settle legal disputes.


Besides writing and other media activities, I like to travel, often with official or religious delegations.  For example, most recently I was part of a delegation of family law and juvenile law lawyers and judges traveling to South Africa to compare legal systems. 

I was part of a similar delegation to China earlier.  The delegation was led by the President of the State Bar.  I visited Israel, as part of a religious delegation.


I love to go to the movies and used to be movie critic on the radio.