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Bobby Cheng-Yu Chung

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ricky

    Success Case - E2 Visa Approved

    I am a born Canadian Citizen. I found Bobby when I was searching and reviewing for an attorney to represent my E2 Visa case. I came across numerous lawyers but what really caught me was how knowledgeable and presentable Bobby was about the whole process. His free consultation had answered all my questions and I knew right then he was the attorney to represent my case matter. It was a long process but when ever I encountered any problems the firm was there to help me out and guide me to the right path. Today is May 08, 2015 and I hold my E2 visa. I am so excited and grateful thank you Bobby and your team for the help and support.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Luca.O

    Approved E2 Visa

    My business partner and I have been searching an attorney to trust for our E2 Visa for almost six months. There’s no written rule about the application, so we found ourselves struggling between interpretations, wrong information and un-answered questions.

    Our first call with Bobby was refreshing: he had the answers to all our questions and much more. He pointed out some vital information that we’ve never heard from anyone before. Instead of focusing on a risky strategy by preparing a standard application he wants to shape yours based on the specific case.

    After gathering the basic documentation we worked together to cover every possible blind-spot, even if sometimes it seemed like we were playing a “defense” strategy. That’s one of the key-features of his workflow, and we loved it: your case must be as solid as possible, it doesn’t matter if some documents won’t be required during the final interview. You need to be covered, to feel safe and confident.

    Bobby's long-time experience allowed us to face the E2 apply without any fear nor worries. We got our E2 Visa some months ago and I definitely recommend him and his staff!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by KEN


    I am a US citizen.In 2008 I had been doing some work in China where I met
    and immediately fell in love with the Chinese woman who is now my
    wife.However,the journey between that beautiful first encounter and my
    eventual happy marriage was a long and difficult one.
    At the time I met my current wife,"Li",I was in fact still married to an
    American woman.While I had been completely separated from her for a number
    of years,I was still a married man from a legal perspective.
    Of course,I knew that I would have to divorce my wife before I could even
    begin to look towards a new marriage with Li,in China,which soon became my
    dream.Yet,at that moment,I wasnt quite ready to confront my wife with a
    divorce as she was still attached to me,and also feared the inevitable
    struggles that are a part of most divorces.
    Neither,at first,was I ready to tell Li the truth about my marital state.I
    was only married in a legal sense,and lived alone in another part of the US
    from the woman I was "married" to and had no intimacy with her
    whatsoever.However,the law does not recognize such distinctions, and I didnt
    think Li would have accepted me than had she known the full truth of my
    Finding myself in such a personal and legal quandary I knew that I would
    need expert legal advice,and knew nothing of the complexity of the legal
    requirements for providing a K-1 marital visa.
    I called upon my immigration lawyer,Mr Bobby Chung,by chance,after a search
    on the internet.I phoned Mr Chung,and doubted whether he would have the
    patience to listen to my long and complicated personal
    circumstances.Instead,he proved to be a very sensitive and understanding
    listener and advisor and I was able to speak to him at length.From this very
    first conversation Mr Chung was able to provide all the best legal
    information available as well as a sympathetic ear to my personal quandary
    at that time.
    With Mr Chung`s support I found the courage to initiate the difficult
    divorce with my American spouse,which took some time,and throughout Mr Chung
    was there to provide support even when things seemed rather desparate.
    Finally,when my divorce was settled,I than faced the endless challenges of
    obtaining the Chinese marital visa.Having so recently divorced,I was not the
    ideal applicant from a legal perspective,yet Mr Chung unfailingly supported
    me all the way through this seemingly endless process with his excellent
    legal expertise.
    Today I am finally happily married to my Chinese wife,but without Mr Chung`s
    long support I cant imagine that I would have reached this point.For that I
    will always remain deeply grateful to Mr Chung for all of his calm and
    patient advice and counsel.I would most highly reccomend him as the best
    possible attorney for any others seeking to marry a Chinese spouse.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Amer

    E-2 approved, Excellent professional service

    I just received my E-2 visa approval. Thanks to Attorney Bobby Chung.
    Before I hired Bobby I consulted with 4 other lawyers whom did not answer all my questions and told me they have to get back to me. Bobby answered all my questions from the first interview and I felt he is very knowledgeable on the E-2 visa. From the start he gave me detailed clear instructions on how to buy an existing franchise business. Bobby and his team guided me and walked me through the whole process, he answered my questions and concerns in details and on time.
    Our Change of status from B2 into E-2 was approved without any problems and it took much less time than the average processing time.
    I am very thankful to Bobby for making our dreams come true, and thank you Randi as well for the commitment to our case.
    I would recommend the law office of Bobby Chung for anyone seeking professional committed service for the E-2 visa, and I will definitely use his services to renew my visa.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ravi

    Exceptional Service / 100% Success for an E2 Visa

    I utilized the services of Mr Bobby Chung for an E2 Visa application from the UK. From the moment I made contact he was simply brilliant. Bobby possesses an unrivalled knowledge of the sector and this was demonstrated in the thorough instructions as well as attentive service provided. I was successful in obtaining a 5 year E2 visa with no problems thanks to the help and assistance of Bobby and his team.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephen

    E2 Visa London

    Just completed my E-2 visa application with Bobby in London. The firm came highly recommended and my expectations were surpassed.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Calvin

    Near-perfect E-2 immigration lawyer

    We've worked with numerous immigration lawyers (and other types of lawyers) over the past several years, and Bobby Chung is hands-down the best of any lawyer I have ever worked with.

    He is extremely organized. He gives very detailed, clear, easy-to-follow instructions. He's responsive. He's a pleasure to work with. Seems like a really good person.

    Bobby is strict, leaving nothing to chance. Having gone through an E-2 application before that was eventually denied because of a stupid immigration lawyer that didn't know what he was doing, working with Bobby was such a relief. I'd much rather have strict and a successful outcome than laissez-faire and a costly failure.

    It's just been a complete no-nonsense straight-forward process that landed us the desired E-2 visa in the first shot. And the fact that he's worked on the immigration side previously means he knows what he's talking about.

    I will definitely use Bobby for my renewal in a couple of years, and in the meantime I will recommend Bobby in the most unequivocal terms to anyone looking for the most direct secure path to obtaining an E-2 visa.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Harry

    A fantastically organized and extremely knowledgeable E2 attorney

    From the first time I spoke with Bobby through to the end of the process I have always been impressed with how knowledgeable he has been and how attentive to my needs. Each E2 visa application is always going to be unique and Bobby took the time to understand my proposal and advise appropriately. He made me feel that I was in safe hands and that if I took his advice it would all go smoothly which it did. From the outset the E2 process seems very complex but Bobby makes it so straight forward and knew exactly how to put the best case forward. I will be contacting him for my renewal. For anyone else I know that needed immigration advice he will certainly be getting the call. Thank you so much!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Aldora

    A great attentive service

    Mr. Chung has successfully assisted us in filling a very strong case for our E-2 application. He and his team is always available for all the questions that we had and have provided invaluable answers that have helped us secure our E-2 visa. We plan to use Mr. Chung's service to reapply for the visa, and we definitely recommend him to anyone who needs assistance in filing for the same visa.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mandy

    Supportive and Professional

    It was 2005, I started to look for an immigration lawyer for my H1B visa application and mainly by chance, I found Bobby. Bobby and his team have been thorough from the very beginning, guiding me through each step towards gaining my H1B approval. I found his integrity, professionalism and expertise to be exceptional. I continued to rely on Bobby in helping me for my PR process. Again, I made the right decision! Never did a question go unanswered and always with a timely and friendly response. Most importantly, it is always so nice to be able to express your concerns to an attorney and have things explained to you without being rushed or bombarded with terms you don't understand. His clear instructions and the way he could always reassure me and set my mind at ease made the experience completely stress free!
    I would like to thank Bobby and his team for all their directions, guidance and supports throughout this entire process.
    I highly recommend the Law offices of Bobby C Chung.