After going through a couple of attorneys and thousands of dollars without any resolution, my confidence in the entire legal system was shaken. It became very clear that most attorneys cared more about making money than helping me-the client- get through a very stressful and life-altering event. I was distraught, until a friend told me about Ms. Kahlon, aka "Neelam," whom he retained in the past. After my intitial consultation with Neelham, my confidence in the legal system was restored! She genuinely listened to me and did not trivialize my concerns as other attorneys have done. After I told Neelam my legal issues, she explained to me -in layman's terms- my options and what she can do to help me. I finally felt I had someone on my side! Neelam exceeded my expectations. My legal troubles were finally resolved in a timely manner with care and compassion. I highly recommend Ms. Kahlon! She is the epitome of what a great attorney should be!