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Rebekah Ryan Main

Rebekah Main’s client reviews

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  • She and her office are the best.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    Hired attorney

    I found and hired Rebekah as my first lawyer to help me through a very nasty, bitter divorce fight. Ms Main made it very clear that our kids came 1st. That made my decision clear to hire her. After my ex took away my visitation and made serious false accusations against me, Rebekah and the people in her office fought hard and turned it all around. Every time the opposition decided to try something nasty to make me look bad to the court, she proved it false. She is working to help me get my kids back after the ex alienated them from me. She is extremely compassionate and knowledgeable in her field. She is second to none. I don't know what I would have done with out her and her team. I am hoping that I won't need to keep her til my kids are grown but am confident that if needed she is my best choice. Thank you Rebekah for everything. Robert S

    Rebekah Ryan Main’s response: “Robert - We are delighted to help you with your kids and honored by this review. Thank you for your very kind words. I'm looking forward to meeting those kids! Rebekah”

    5.0 stars

    Posted by HOWARD

    Hired attorney


    Rebekah Ryan Main’s response: “Howard, You're very welcome. I am always pleased when we can get a matter resolved "under budget." Hope you have a wonderful Holiday and we wish you the very best. Take care. Rebekah”
  • You wont find a more qualified or reputable attorney anywhere."

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nicole

    Hired attorney

    I found myself in need of Ms. Mains services when my previous employer disputed my unemployment distribution and my eligibility to receive payments. Ms. Main was attentive and heard all my concerns. Through out the process of appeals Ms. Main worked tirelessly to make certain that the end result was 100% in my favor. I always felt that my case and my thoughts were truly important to Ms. Main and a priority. Rebekah is ethical, honest and one of the most hard working professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. My case was not easy, but Ms. Main never quit working to reach a favorable outcome. I won my case without ever having to compromise my position. My extremely positive outcome is completely credited to my having Rebekah as my attorney. You wont find a more qualified or reputable attorney anywhere.

    Rebekah Ryan Main’s response: “Nicole - Thank you so much for this review. I am truly happy that I had the opportunity to help you with your appeal, and honored to receive this recommendation. Hopefully you wont ever need an attorney again, but if you do you can count on me. Rebekah”
  • Miss Main and co. are thee best!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Damien

    I wish I would've found Ms. Main years ago, I've had to deal with a post-judgement issue dealing custody/visitation/child support which has been an uphill climb. Both she and her rock star attorney Amanda Klimcszak have been nothing short of great. I feel that if I would've found her during my initial divorce that I wouldn't have been in the position I was in today where I had to find a new attorney. I've had my child support reduced by roughly 30%. I highly recommend Ms. Main as your attorney as I think I'll keep her for as long as I need her!

    Rebekah Ryan Main’s response: “Damien - Thank you so much for this review! We are very happy to assist you and truly excited at the prospect of you getting more quality time with your girls. I hope you don't need us for too much longer but we'll always be here if you do. Rebekah”
  • A Difficult Divorce Case - Superb Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    No one ever wants to go to court or hire an attorney. Unfortunately, I found myself facing divorce after a 27-year marriage and needed to find an attorney that was fair, strong, professional, and most importantly, compassionately human. I found this in Rebekah Ryan Main.

    Right from our initial consultation, I knew Ms. Main was the right attorney for me. She listened attentively, asked good questions, and really made me feel at ease. I didn't want someone who was egotistical or vengeful. I needed someone that would immerse themselves in my particular situation and case, and diligently follow through. Not to mention someone that exhibits extreme intelligence, knowledge, and experience.

    Throughout the process, I was always kept updated and informed about the proceedings and what to expect next. I found Ms. Main and her capable staff to be readily accessible and responsive to any of my needs and inquiries. Her administrative and professional staff demonstrated the upmost professionalism and courtesy.

    My particular case seemed to have many twists and unexpected issues and roadblocks thrown our way. Ms. Main navigated very intelligently through these areas. I was very confident in her, and completely trusted and understood her advice. She explained things to me, and was patient while I thought things over and would always respect my wishes and decisions, the direction we ultimate would take on issues.

    Another area I was quite impressed with was preparation, and the way Ms. Main would handle herself in depositions, with other attorneys, and in court in front of the judge. She acts and speaks with experience, confidence, and with authority. She sites court cases with precedence, and knows how to formulate an argument to drive points home. In addition, she is an excellent writer and formulates stellar correspondences.

    Although my case became much more involved and drawn out than I would have ever expected, I was relieved and so thankful to have Ms. Main as my representative and advocate. I truly enjoyed working with her, and was quite pleased with the resolution and outcome. Ms. Main’s fees and billings were also extremely fair, and I’m quite pleased with the cost/benefit that I experienced.

    I would highly recommend Rebekah Ryan Main to anyone seeking one of the most top-notched attorneys in Riverside or San Bernardino counties.

    Rebekah Ryan Main’s response: “Steve - It was a privilege to help you with your matter. Thank you so much for this very kind review. I wish you, and those brilliant girls of yours, well. Take care! Rebekah”
  • She is worth double her weight in gold

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Katrina

    I'd rather get put through a meat grinder than go through a custody battle again. It was scary, stressful and worst of all hard on my kids. I walked in to Ms. Main's office ready to give up. All I wanted from Ms. Main was to make sure I didn't get completely screwed while surrendering to my ex's demands. She was the third lawyer I consulted about my case. She was the ONLY lawyer who made me feel like she actually cared about my kids and their circumstance. She never promised me anything, but her strategy resulted in exactly what I wanted and more importantly, what was in the best interest of my kids. She is worth double her weight in gold. (I say double because she is on the petite side:) Her staff are professional and thorough. I will be forever grateful for her and the impact her representation had on my kids’ lives.

    Rebekah Ryan Main’s response: “Katrina - This review brightened my day! Thank you. I am so glad that we were able to accomplish something very positive for your kids, and for you. It was a privilege to represent you. Hope things are great with the kids. Take care. Rebekah Main”
  • Child support

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kimberly

    This has been long overdue... as a client of Attorney Rebekah Ryan Main, I wanted results right away. Attorney Rebekah understood what I was going through and guided me through the process without any stress or anxiety. Attorney Rebekah and her team of professional and caring staff kept me informed each step of this journey. The end result was absolutely wonderful! Clear, concise, efficient, and straight to the point! Bottom line, if you need a professional and caring lawyer on your side that will fight for JUSTICE every step of the way... you will definitely need Attorney Rebekah Ryan Main on your side!

    Rebekah Ryan Main’s response: “Kimberly - Thank you for this enthusiastic review! I hope that you will not need our services again, but I am happy to help if you do. We wish you well! Rebekah Main”
  • An Honest and Fair Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    Over the last few years, I've had 3 different attorneys represent my interests in a child custody dispute. While all the court rulings had been favorable, other attorneys didn't seem to truly "care" about the situation as much as Rebekah. I've had experiences where the attorneys burned through the retainer before we even showed up for the first court date. Rebekah not only negotiated a fair rate for me at the beginning of our engagement, but she also demonstrated fair and reasonable billing practices throughout our ongoing court battle. She did not try to "string out" the litigation, but rather get us to a solution as quickly as possible. In addition, she would always ask about the wellbeing of my child and demonstrate that she actually cared about how things would turn out for his sake.

    I would highly recommend Rebekah to others seeking an attorney for Family Law.

    Rebekah Ryan Main’s response: “David - Thank you for these very kind words. It is an honor and a privilege to help you and your family. I wish you all the best! Rebekah Main”
  • Amazing

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Renee

    She helped me on one of the worst days of my life. Hard to find the words to describe how she was able to put me at ease and stop the tears. I went from feeling powerless to feeling confident. She also has a great staff.

    Rebekah Ryan Main’s response: “Renee - I am so glad to help. And we're honored to have you as a client. Thank you for these kind words. Rebekah Main”
  • If you're looking for integrity, professionalism, efficiency and trust then Rebekah Ryan and her staff are the ones to choose!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Peggy

    I went to Rebekah on a referral from a family member and I'm very glad that I did. I had retained an attorney to handle my divorce 2 years prior and he was dragging his feet the whole time with nothing to show for it. I felt it should have been over and done with by now. So my daughter and I decided to met with Rebekah and right away I felt like she was going to get the job finished! She and her staff worked very hard and got my divorce finalized in less than a year. Her staff is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They all make you feel like you matter, even if it's small potatoes. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone. Thank you Rebekah and're all amazing!

    Rebekah Ryan Main’s response: “Peggy, We were happy to help you resolve your matter and honored to have you as our client. Thank you so much for these kinds words. I let Jenn and Kimberly know that they're amazing! Best of luck to you with all your future endeavors and keep in touch. Rebekah Main”