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Peter Timothy Pittullo

Peter Pittullo’s client reviews

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  • Bad Experience

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I hired Tim Pittullo for my family law case. I let him go due to quality and performance issues.

    I experienced the following:

    1. Late to hearings and meetings
    2. Not prompt in returning phone calls
    3. Used vulgar language
    4. Slurred speech
    5. Sloppy follow-up case details
    6. Missed details on OSC documents
    7. Did not perform proper discovery
    8. Double billed
    9. Rude support staff
    10. Yelled at the opposing attorney and displayed embarrassing behavior. I then distanced myself as I did not desire my case or reputation to be soiled by Tim's behavior
    11. Advised me to do unethical things such as lying about my income and fudge expenses. I did not engage in his poor advice and that was the last straw.

    I do not recommend this attorney or the Law Firm of P. Timothy Pittullo Esq.

  • Former client

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Deron

    I used Mr. Pittullo for my divorce 5 years ago. His office is impressive and he seems to know what he is talking about. Unfortunately I think he talks too much and doesn't listen enough. My divorce was pretty simple because my ex-wife and I were able to come to terms with almost everything. Mr. Pittullo basically had to write it up and make sure there were no mistakes and that he was protecting my interests since my ex had her own lawyer. After spening $13000 for rubber stamp divorce there were still important (to me) details Mr. Pittullo missed on my final divorce decree. Namely I wanted to stipulate that if my ex was going to get alimony she could not have her boyfriend living in the house with my children. Several emails, phone calls, and meetings with Mr. Pittullo I got the sense that he didn't put too much thought into my case and advise me about any of my rights. I subsequently stopped using him for any further litigation and have been all the happier.

  • Recommend Mr. Pittullo

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Prior to retaining Mr. Pittullo, I struggled to finalize my divorce and child custody agreements. Mr. Pittullo years of experience were evident as he guided me through a frustrating family court system. He was attentive to my questions and requests, ensuring that we were in agreement and aware of all actions occurring. It was apparent that he is well respected in his field as his advise is often sought by other attorneys. I’ve since referred Mr. Pittullo to others...he may be expensive, but well worth it. You may be able to find a more affordable attorney, but in the long run the cost will be greater as the time you spend trying to reach a resolution will be much longer and another attorney will attain far less favorable results.

  • Realistic and solid as a rock

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mr. Pittullo has represented my children and I in a very contentious divorce and custody case lasting 7 + years. My case required aggressive representation not only because my ex had more than 10 attorneys as well as representing himself, but that he did whatever he could do to harm me financially, even if it reflected upon him poorly. Mr. Pittullo does not get intimidated (as crazy or stressful as it can be in the courtroom) and what I really appreciate is his realistic attitude and approach on dealing with issues. Throughout the years, Mr. Pittullo and his legal Secretary, Melinda, were responsive and detailed and we worked together well. If I had a question or needed clarification, I was informed of his schedule and availability so that we could coordinate a time to talk, including weekends. Perhaps every case doesn’t require Pittullo but if it is complicated or contentious, seek him out.

  • Top Notch Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mr. Pittullo helped me with a child custody matter in the late 1990's. Before I hired him I went to the courthouse to watch another attorney (who I was contemplating hiring) perform in the Rancho Cucamonga court house. Coincidentally, Mr. Pittullo happened to be representing someone that day and they had a hearing. I was blown away by his performance. He commanded the court with his unbelievable knowledge and style. I said to myself, I have to have him for an attorney. After the hearing, I quickly followed him outside the courtroom and got his business card.

    Later that week, I hired him as my attorney. That proved to be the best decision I ever made for my then 8 year old son. He helped get us permanent custody with supervised visitations for my son's abusive mother.

    I have not spoken to Mr. Pittullo since then, but as I came across this page, I decided I have to let the world know how grateful I was then and still am today. My son was literally saved from a very dire situation, and all other attorney told me I stood zero chance to win. This man fought for me and won bigger than I ever imagined.

    I hope he is today as good as he was then. I would definitely recommend him as a lawyer for anyone who needs a family law attorney. You can go watch him for yourself in court. You will not be disappointed.

  • In good hands

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gidon

    After a year of seemingly getting nowhere, in a drawnout dispute over custody and visitation, I hired the law offices of Pitulo Barker to take over my case. Having worked with a number of attorneys prior, I was acutely aware of the frustration at seeing my case handled In an incompetent matter. My previous attorneys filed numerous motions and racked up enormous fees while accomplishing little. From my first consultation with Mr. Pitulo, he spelled out, in no uncertain terms, The percentage of success rate that I had for the various aspects of my case. Afterwards we mapped out a clear strategy on moving ahead. Mr. Pitulo was truly brilliant in the court room and is certainly one of the best litigators I have ever witnessed. The result was that I was able to reach a settlement with my ex-wife in a very short amount of time for far less than I had expected. The law offices continue to serve me as any issues arise in the execution of the court order. I would most definitely recommend this law office for any family related issues.

  • Pittullo and Team

    5.0 stars

    Posted by steve

    Mr Pittullo and his team are expert in their representation. They worked to help ensure 50% / 50% custody and a fair financial settlement in the face of unrealistic spouse expectations and opposing counsel that unscrupulously tried to drag out the process to his personal benefit. I would recommend and would personally use Mr. Pittullo and his team again if faced with family legal issues.

  • Unparalleled Service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Becky

    For the past 10 years, Mr. Pittullo has rendered me with an attorney-client relationship unparalleled in its broad scope and power. Due to the litigious nature of my ex-spouse, my divorce and associated legal proceedings have carried a high caliber of intensity over an extraordinary number of years. Difficult decision-making throughout my case with the accompanying stress in my current relationships has been forefront. Having experienced work with two other attorney firms at the beginning of my divorce, I can attest to the superior level of service and effectiveness of Mr. Pittullo’s practice. Mr. Pittullo’s quick intellect and unquestionable knowledge of the law sways even a difficult Judge. Yet, despite his strength in litigation, he is quick to offer advice informed by his vast experience, extending beyond courtroom concerns to anticipate the impact that legal proceedings inevitably have on other facets of my life. Mr. Pittullo readily offers unusual insight into legal situations, considering the client’s best interest at heart: he has counseled me regarding the best legal pathway for my specific financial situation and with regard for the stressful impact any legal proceeding has upon my personal life and relationships. In my experience this is where other attorneys fail to offer a rounded personable opinion, perhaps fearing to venture beyond the letter of the law to see the client’s broader needs. I continue to retain Mr. Pittullo after over a decade of service, having directly experienced the greater costs of retaining a lessor attorney in terms of higher overall costs with less effective service, combined with greater fatigue from less expedient outcomes. I highly encourage consideration of Mr. Pittullo for his abilities to get the job done with cost-effectiveness and stress-reduction in mind for the best of the client.

  • Ethical, Professional, Intelligent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Paul

    Mr. Pittullo represented my wife and I through an over litigated and very nasty legal battle. Throughout the process Mr. Pittullo and his team had our full confidence and respect. Never once did we question the integrity of anyone in his law firm. We were always charged fairly, always received timely responses, always treated with respect, and always felt like we had the very best legal representation. Additionally, I had opportunities to overhear other attorneys' hallway conversations about Mr. Pittullo, and it is clear that he is highly regarded among his peers. He is a formidable yet ethical attorney and I believe that he and his law firm provide the very best legal representation possible.

  • Grateful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by ralph

    Sometimes one wishes to meet and individual in a normal situation; however, I was introduced to Mr. Pittullo based on my need to have the best to represent my kids and I. After our first meeting I felt I had made the right choice to keep my kids safe and allow due process for all the circumstances that were to come.
    I had the tremendous pleasure of having known Mr. Pittullo in different levels: professional, among his peers, in a personal basis as "father to father" and of course in court, his environment. It is truly amazing to see how Judges just love to hear him speak and verbalize Family Law; it is an experience I will not forget. Mr. Pittullo obviously followed his heart and became a great lawyer, I feel honored to have worked with such a man. Mr Pittullo is a man of integrity, and will not lower his standards to fight dirty or create scenarios to help his clients lie; I was impressed by his honesty, sincerity, class, demeanor even though he was treated in a very disrespectful way ... a class act.
    Did we have our encounters? Of course we did. It was my lack of knowledge, fear of the unknown, second guessing some situations and decisions, because my kids were at stake. I felt totally out of place questioning such a reputable man of the Law; however, Mr. Pittullo listened, sometimes lost his temper a bit because of my lack of understanding... but never lost his composure nor was disrespectful to me or anyone around us for that matter.
    At the end of a two year battle, Mr. Pittullo prevailed with his original directives and promises. I am a grateful father to a very respectable man whose heart is in the right place. I have cried out of respect and the love felt through his awesome staff, one in particular , Ms Melinda Tajingwa. I have to say I have not come across a Lady who cares so much about their clients and I have nothing but respect and admiration for her heart of gold.
    As I read some of the commentaries from previous clients, in particular the negative ones, I dare challenge their negativity of such an office. Mr. Pittullo is a veteran of Family Law who put his time over 30 years to be the best anyone could hope for. He may be a lawyer, but this man has a heart and a conscious, imagine that.
    We have reached that time to say good bye, and I have only one promise in my heart, to honor and respect Mr. Pittullo for who he is and for what he did to help me and my kids. I can disclose personal matters, but what I can say is that "money is not his main motivator."
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart Mr. Pittullo and may god continue to bless you, your family and that great office/staff you direct daily.
    My love and respect always
    Ralph S