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Jami K Fosgate

Jami Fosgate’s client reviews

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  • Highly Recommend Jami Fosgate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jerry

    I had a post-divorce problem that I needed help with. After 5 years of paying spousal, my ex claimed that I owed additional spousal support. I contacted Jami after reading the reviews on this site and I was not disappointed. She was helpful, knowledgeable, and handled all communications with the opposing attorney on my behalf. In the end a deal was worked out which was the best I was going to get and Jami let me know exactly where I stood. I should add that I was upset by the entire dispute and completely stressed out since I was also in the process of buying a house. Jami ignored my emotional rants and (occasional) expletives, took nothing personally, and brought me back to the matter at hand.

    I am certain she would handle any family law matter with the same professionalism and integrity. While she did not handle my original divorce, I think she would do an excellent job, and her demeanor is perfect for a mediation.

    I highly recommend Jami Fosgate.

  • An absolute bargain.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    Jami Fosgate was incredibly helpful, compassionate, and diligent handling my divorce. After feeling overwhelmed attempting to file all my own paperwork, I went to Jami. My ex was continually changing the her mind regarding the settlement and things dragged on and on, but Jami remained steadfast, keeping me informed and abreast of every detail. In addition to her thorough work and constant professionalism, Jami always seemed respectful and understanding of the difficult nature of the situation. I always felt like she cared about what was best for me and my ex rather than trying to rush us to finish things so she could get onto other cases. A lawyer not consumed with making more money? It's true. Jami cares and works hard, a dream combination. Couldn't recommend her highly enough.

  • For Family Law issues and disputes, Jami Fosgate is the best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    Jami Fosgate was absolutely wonderful; she is generous with her time, no-nonsense, reliable, very responsive and thorough. Her assistance, guidance and knowledge made my very sticky, very ugly child custody battle so much easier to deal with. And I prevailed, getting everything I hoped for. I can not recommend her highly enough.

  • Great mediation!

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Troy

    Jami is a very good attorney and mediator. She made a difficult situation go smooth. She is very organized, knowledgeable and responsive, which is greatly needed when dealing with legal matters.

  • Jami Exceeded My Expectations

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Victoria

    I had interviewed a few divorce attorney's before I met Jami. I was hoping to end my marriage in a civil fashion and avoid any nasty court battles. I chose Jami because she was able to present the divorce process in the most clear way. She also had the most straight forward billing process. Other Attorney's seemed a bit nebulous about where the large retainer I paid would be used. Jami was able to walk me through all of the steps of the divorce. She always was sure to offer me the chance to file a document to keep costs in check. She kept me well informed and always responded quickly to my questions. She met with me on Saturdays and early in the morning during the week so that our meetings didn't affect my work schedule. She is an excellent mediator and very willing to help both sides come to an agreement. My Divorce included the custody of my small child and therefore was even more highly emotional. I think that hiring Jami was the smartest move I made in the last year. I would absolutely recommend her as an Attorney.

  • Look no further because Jami is "Amazing"!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    If you are looking for a Family Law Attorney that will treat your case as if it were their own, then look no further!!!

    Divorce is one of the worst things to go through in life. I had hired another Attorney and soon found out that they really specialized in issues with commercial property and did very little family law. I was soon feeling like I had made a mistake. So now my bad situation was even worse! I was really feeling some stress! So, I set out to find a second opinion.

    The company I work for has an employee assistance program and Jami Fosgate was recommended. I contacted Jami for a consultation and within 30 minutes I learned I needed her to represent me!

    Jami proved to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, caring, compassionate, detailed, fair and helped me to make the right decisions for my circumstances. Jami kept me informed by email and phone calls. She did everything in a timely manner! Even after my divorce was final, Jami provided me a list of items that are recommended to follow up on after a divorce.

    You will not find a better Family Law Attorney to help you with your specific needs!

  • Jami is Awesome!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Manuel

    Jami helped us in a family law matter last year and she provided outstanding services. She was attentive, responsive and thoroughly professional. I highly recommend Jami she is caring and treats you with respect and makes you feel as though you are her priority.

  • Painless

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Teri

    After contemplating filing divorce paperwork ourselves, my husband and I contacted Jami to help us sort through it all as it is a bit overwhelming. She immediately set up an appointment and went over everything with us. It only took one personal meeting and the rest my email and mail. The process was very painless. She stayed in touch often to update us with the process. I would recommend her services to all my friends and family.

  • Exceptional Service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Catherine

    I am very satisfied with the manner in which Jami handles my divorce case. She was upfront, professional and resourceful. She walked me through every step of the process and was very patient with all my questions. In addition she followed up with the courts each time a paperwork had to be submitted...ensuring that it was recorded timely and accurately.

    The Judgment was finally recorded a week or so ago and I honestly can say Jami was instrumental in making sure the process was a smooth one.

  • review

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Mediation client

    I did not like that the attorney was dealing with financial matters, and did not understand the potential tax consequences. She was extremely difficult to deal with, and didn't not give me a sense of evenhandness.

    Jami K Fosgate’s response: “I am truly sorry this person did not have a satisfactory mediation experience. To respond to this person’s comment that I dealt with financial matters and I did not understand the potential tax consequences, I inform all mediation clients that I am not a CPA and I am not a tax attorney and I cannot provide tax advice and before they make any final agreements in the mediation process, I recommend they consult with a CPA or a tax attorney. I am quite surprised this person alleges that I was extremely difficult to deal with since the overwhelming response I receive from my clients is just the opposite - other clients have found me to be respectful, helpful, responsive, thoughtful and caring. This person also feels I did not give them a sense of evenhandness [sic], but I explain to all mediation clients that if one party is taking an unreasonable position, it is my duty as the mediator to point out the unreasonable position and to ensure a balanced dialogue between the parties and to diffuse any manipulative or intimidating tactics employed by one side.”