Ronald Daniel Hedding

Ronald Daniel Hedding

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About Me 

I started my pursuit of law over 20 years ago.  I have worked for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, a Superior Court Judge (as a reseach attorney), and have been the guiding force behind the Hedding Law Firm since 1994. 


I truly enjoy practicing criminal defense.  It plays to my talents...I find I am at my best when I am fighting for a client's rights, reputation and freedom.  I have tried many cases over the years and have seen very few prosecutors that can match up to my legal abilities.  If you hire me as your attorney, I can say without a doubt that you will have an advocate that is more experienced, saavy and prepared than any prosecutor!


I encourage you to come and sit down with me and discuss your case.  I will educate you on how the system works and assist you in designing a plan that will address the specific issues surrounding your case.  I go to court everyday and advocate for my clients...I will not be backed down by a prosecutor who is being over zealous.  Call now and set up a free face to face consultation (818) 986-2092.