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  • Without a doubt, I would highly recommend them.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    Twenty four years ago my father had a case in which he served three years in prison and three years for probation. His time after prison was spent staying out of trouble and creating a better life for his family. Last year at the end of June while on his way leaving home for work, he was pulled over a block from home and was picked up by ICE. My father was detained the entire month of July and was held in Santa Ana Jail for immigration.

    My mother and I had began a search for a lawyer. I asked my best friend if her mother knew anyone, being that she owned a business and new other business owners in town. We were given the number of a woman who was her friend as well as an immigration attorney. She turned out to be the nicest person. while working with her, she told my mother and I that she’d be putting a legal team together to work with us.The legal team were the Mackins. They have really turned out to be the greatest people ever!! As soon as they came on to my fathers case, Mackenzie Mackins went down to Santa Ana and met with my father. We met Allen Mackins at my fathers first court appearance. He was on time. He met with my family which included some aunts and cousins. He was very kind, positive, and reassuring. Any questions that I or my family had, he treated in the same regard and showed everyone the same courtesy. During the first court hearing Allen was able to get a reasonable bail amount set, due to the fact that the case was so old. My father was then released on bail.

    The months leading to my fathers trial were very difficult on my family. The possibility of my father being deported had taken a large toll on everyone. My mother suffered the worst. She had a massive stroke in February which was followed by a flesh eating bacteria that almost took her life again in April. The Mackins were very kind at this time. Checking in and asking about my mother and her well being.

    I really commend the Mackins team. I know it had to be difficult dealing with my fathers case. A great deal of files had to be pulled from the downtown archive because they were to old and others were on micro fiche. The Mackins were able to put together a great case for my father. They work very hard and are dedicated. My father’s trial was August 1st and it went great! Thanks to all the hard work that Allan, Mackenzie and Jennifer (who works in the office with them) put towards my dads case. my father gets to stay in this country with us and his family. I don’t know where we would be if we hadn’t met these wonderful people but I sincerely am grateful for all the help they have provided us with. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend them.

  • The best immigration lawyer for you

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    I recently this past month I was inncarcerated for about a month in the Theo Lacy jail for immigration. The reason why I was incarcerated was for 2 phelony cases for residential burglary and for grand theft. This whole situation was difficult for my family and I and it seemed impossible to get out of this situation. Thank God I talked to my criminal lawyer who suggested Allan Mackins. He made a huge impact because once we spoke about my case he made me feel confident about the end solution. Mr.Allan and his team were diligent on my case and kept my loved ones informed at all times. He was always easy to contact. He would visit me and kept me positive. At my final court date we came out victorious, my case was one of the quickest cases dismissed. So, if you want to get out of jail and resolve your immigration problems I highly recommend Allan Mackins and his team. Thank you Allan!

  • The greatest immigration lawyer ever!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marcel

    I was incarcerated in federal prison for teen years for drug conspiracy and money laundering, I had a very high profile and complex case. Upon my release i got detained by Immigration and I was sent to Theo lacy jail. While I was at Theo Lacy jail, I interviewed a lot of attorneys but none of them seemed to be interested in my case. They stated that I didn't have any chance to win and I was better off signing and get deported. A fellow detainee referred me to Mr. Allan and it was life changing. Mr. Allan is one of the most honest, hard working, professional and fair attorney that I ever encountered. I have never met any attorneys like him, he is truly amazing. Many attorneys now a days are dishonest and unreliable but Mr. Allan is a sincere and a dedicated lawyer. He got right on my case without any hesitations. He explored every option available and came up with a plan for me, not only did he have plan A but he also had plan B, C and D!

    He was always in communication with my family keeping them updated. He was always on time for court appearances and never missed a day. With Mr. Allan's vigorous help and dedication to my case I was able to receive relief under the Convention Against Torture Act (CAT). Mr. Allan and his exceptional team fought very hard for my case and I am truly blessed to have found a prominent attorney as him, he is an angel from the sky. Because of Mr. Allan I am a free man. Many people spend years in immigration fighting their case with no relief but with Mr. Allan's help I was able to get released within a few months.

    I highly recommend anyone that is in need of a excellent and honest immigration lawyer to hire Mr. Allan Mackins. No matter how complex your case may be, Mr. Allan and his team are very devoted and will do whatever they can to get you the best relief as possible. With Mr. Allan's professionalism you will not be disappointed by hiring him.

  • Strongly recommended by another Immigration law firm. Based on my personal experience with them, I emphatically endorse them.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Angel

    Hi, my name is Angel, A close Family member needed Immigration law representation. However, the reasons for NEAR DEPORTATION, were past criminal records and recent domestic violence. Those strikes against the defendant were clear cut reasons for immediate deportation. However, through very comprehensive interview, instructions and sensitivity. The case developed, Allan and his team went to work and requested a variety of documents, letters and testimonies. I am also convinced that a lot of behind the scenes battles and challenges were overcome. I recommend them for any Immigration challenges and I am certain you will be satisfied with their valiant efforts. Thank You