I hired Richard Rogen to help me settle my immigration status. He quoted me a price for his services and made me pay upfront. He promised me a number of things that would be included in the amount of money that I gave him. Richard Rogen did not do any of the things that he promised. He refused to respond to any of my phone calls. He left me hanging for two years with no response. His secretary called me and told me that I was denied after two years with no contact with him and that there was nothing else that he could do. I asked him to give me my file and prove what he did for me and to take to another lawyer for consultation. He refused to give me my file and claimed that I owed him more money. Even though I know and he knows that this is against the law, he threatened me using my immigration status. I filed a claim against him to the Bar Association. Afterwards he gave me my file and denied that he refused to give me my file. And since I had no proof he got away with it. I would never recommend this lawyer to anyone. He and his staff were rude, unprofessional and unknowledgeable people. And by the way, after firing him, I hired another lawyer and within one year my new lawyer was able to resolve my immigration issue.

Please watch out! Do not trust