Diana Weiss Aizman

Diana Weiss Aizman

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Our video about a first DUI offense by dui attorney diana aizman,
criminal defense attorney diana aizman provides legal commentary on the rober kirk murder case.
Criminal defense attorney Diana Aizman providing legal expertise on Fox News channel.

Diana Weiss Aizman is certified in breath alcohol testing.  This makes her an expert in the field of breath alcohol analysis.

About Me 

I am a former prosecutor for the City of Los Angeles.  I have handled thousands of cases involving Manslaughter, Domestic Violence, Assault, Battery, Prostitution and Driving Under the Influence (DUI).  During part of my tenure as a prosecutor in the City of Los Angeles, I was assigned and specially trained as a DUI prosecutor.  This extensive experience makes me very knowledgeable about the science behind DUI and how to properly identify defenses to DUI.  I have significant jury trial experience with an extremely successful record.

I currently practice as a criminal defense attorney with a specialization as a DUI attorney.  I am also an active member of the National Association for DUI Defense and the California DUI Lawyers Association both of which are a select group of DUI Attorneys dedicated to the defense of drunk driving cases.  Additionally I am a board member of the Criminal Courts Bar Association and a member of Criminal Attorneys for Criminal Justice

I worked for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office in the Organized Crime/Hate Crimes unit as well as the Auto Insurance Fraud Division.  At the DA’s office, I worked on several murder, attempted murder, hate crime and complex fraud cases in the County of Los Angeles.

I received my Undergraduate Degree from the University of California, San Diego and my Law Degree from Southwestern University in Los Angeles.  In both Undergraduate and Law School, I was an award winning trial attorney, participating and excelling in competitive trial advocacy programs.

From a young age, I knew I wanted to be a criminal trial attorney.  I was always told that I’m a fighter.  I didn’t know how to apply that until I started practicing criminal & DUI law.

I started Aizman Law Firm because I believe that every person accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty.  Our country is the best in the world because of this principle.  The attorneys at Aizman Law Firm will aggressively fight your case and protect your rights.

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