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Andrew Stephen Roberts

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tommy

    ANDY ROBERTS, Superior Criminal Attorney -knowledgable, prompt, saved my bacon!

    I was charged with a felony vandalism after a hit and run; This charge would have ruined my career and my driver's license would have been suspended for one year. Andy was able to negotiate it down to a misdemeanor with the DA. He then negotiated a civil compromise with the victim- who was very angry.

    The Court accepted the Civil Compromise, over the objection of the City Attorney, after Andy presented a great argument. The entire case was DISCHARGED! DISCHARGED! No fine- no license suspension!

    Unlike other attorneys, he was always at the courthouse before I was on court days, and had all of his paperwork well written, complete, and ready to go.

    He would always answer my calls, or call me back immediately, and always had the details of my case fresh in mind, despite having other clients. Andy Roberts is a great Criminal Attorney. He was always candid with me and gave me 110%. I could not be happier with him as my attorney. His 37 years of experience as an attorney showed.

    I highly recommend this man.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    Batting 1000 - Thank You Andrew

    After reading the great reviews on Andy Roberts I thought I would give him a chance to defend my speeding ticket in Lancaster area. After having my court date rescheduled to improve my chances he had someone represent me and the judge through out my case due to lack of evidence. No fine ! What a great investment to use Andy Roberts to handle my case.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Paula


    Andy was highly recommended to me by another attorney's office and I could not be more pleased with our results!!!
    My employee had 3 warrants for his arrest, so our company decided to step in to help with his situation by hiring Andy. Andy managed to clear all 3 warrants, as well as get his Drivers License reinstated... and all this for less that my quoted price! The entire team at my office think Andy is the best kept secret in town and have entered his number on speed dial!
    Place your problems in Andy's will not be sorry!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    Great lawyer did everything he said and more

    I had gotten a speeding ticket for going over 100 a very serious ticket!!! possible suspension of license.. serious finds !! in the end I had traffic school no points what a great job he did everything he said he would do and more.. Talk to this guy about your case he will get results Andrew saved my job I drive for a living and would have lost my job had he not gotten me traffic school !!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by A real, but anonymous reviewer


    The magic man, once he works his magic, you'll want him on your side for life!! There is no one better in Ventura County, i mean no one! This is the guy to go to in the toughest county in the state.

    Helped me with driving with a suspended license (didn't know it was still suspended) from a DUI, I faced mandatory jail time if found guilty! Of course I was scared and stressed out, called Andrew "the magic man" Roberts, said he could take care of it! Huge stress relief to say the least. He even helped me with my financial situation by having reasonable rates!!! What a guy. Especially for the professionalism and quality of his work.

    All in all, he not only helped the case go smoothly, but he got it rejected entirely! Didn't even get a chance to hear what the judge said, he settled it early with the DA!! No jail, no trial, no nothing!!! Amazing.

    Get this guy to help you out when you need him. Save his number, tell your friends, seriously, he is the best!!!
    And trust me, coming from a guy that has tried out other 10.0 lawyers local to Ventura County, he ranks at the TOP.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client


    Ran into trouble going 30 over the speed limit at the Angeles Crest Highway, and after dealing with Andy, he had the case dismissed. I later found that the highway is known for fatalities and unforgiving law enforcement. Talk about a lifesaver.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by JN


    Best attorney around- straight forward- reasonable fees- great results. He is now a contact for all my legal needs!

    If you have any serious problem, I recommend you to call him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by david

    a true master of the legal system

    i was charged with excessive speeding on the I-5 and andy calmly walked me through the possibilities, asked all the right questions, made only the promise to represent me to the best of his abilities and GOT THE CASE DISMISSED!!!! andrew stephen roberts is a studied professional, managed my expectations realistically, managed the case with attentiveness, effectiveness, deep legal insight and delivered the best possible outcome. I recommend him wholeheartedly and - although i hope he never has to represent me in this kind of a situation again - i am pleased beyond my wildest expectations and look forward to working with him on all my other legal needs. he is a brilliant legal ally to have in any situation!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Steven

    The Best of the Best Attorn

    Attorney Andrew Roberts is a amazing lawyer. He and his team has always delivered amazing results for me. I am so grateful that have found him. this is my second time using him and for sure, it wont be last time ( not planning on getting more tickets, but you know how it goes), It is extremely difficult to find a reliable and trusting attorney among so many, but i am confident that i have found the best of the best, with all the skills and knowledge that you can expect from a top notch lawyer, with years of experience at affordable price.

    Thank a million for your hard work and great service.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jason


    About a year ago i received a ticket for not having the registration month sticker on my license plate. I somehow lost this after buying my car and although I renew my registration every year and put the year sticker on, i never had the month sticker. You can only get this at the DMV where i live. To make matters worse, I received another ticket for the same thing a couple of months later. I'm generally pretty busy during the week so going to the DMV to get the sticker, then to the police station to get the tickets signed off and then to court to resolve the matter never seemed like the best use of my time... WRONG!!! Two fix-it tickets that would have cost $40 turned to a failure to appear x 2, bench warrant for my arrest and fines totaling in excess of $3000!

    Are these fines in proportion to the crime? I say no but that's a discussion for another time. It was, after all, my fault... In order to keep my freedom and good name I was resolved to head on down to the courthouse, plead with the judge for mercy to reduce the fine, pay the piper, and not throw me in jail.

    A couple days before I was to go to court a friend of mine referred me to Andy Roberts. I was skeptical about hiring a lawyer for a traffic ticket but this was pretty bad so I figured talking to him couldn't hurt. So I called Andy. Within minutes he knew what to do and I let him take the reigns. From then on 90% of communication was via email, short and to the point plus one or two phone calls. He told me what I needed to do and I did it. As eluded to earlier, my focus is not traffic tickets as I tend to get very busy with work. Basically, Andy and his team took care of everything with virtually no work needed on my part. I did need to go to the DMV but never had to appear in court. Andy was still able to resolve the whole matter!. And here's the best part: All fines were reduced to $440 from $3000 and Andy kept me out of jail. Of course Andy's fees were reasonable as well so I ended up doing less work and saving a boatload of money on top of all that.

    Andy's number and email are now saved in my phone. If I ever need help with anything again Andy is the first person I'm calling and I recommend you do too.