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Arvand Mahdavi Naderi

Arvand Naderi’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    You are the best Sir !!!

    From the bottom of my heart Thank you very much for your help and unending support.
    Thank you for all your patience and support. You always be there to answer my questions.Now I can sleep good and don't have to worry about my feature and my Job .My case wouldn't be dismissed without all your hard work.Once again, thank you for all your help in making this process as smooth and stress-free as possible for me.
    A Big Thank you to your office. You really make people's dream come true. May God Bless you all.
    You are the Best ARVAND

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Shayan

    Lawyer that kept me out of prison

    Arvand showed that he has handled serious DUI cases before. With his knowledge on law and my case he was able to buy me time to work the case. He proved that he has an established a strong network in criminal defense business that can went a long way with my case. Information he knows and connections he has dropped my case to a much minor offense than what it originally was. Most important of all he did deliver desired and great results which goes back to his experience and connections in this field.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Walter

    Thank You...

    I knew I was in good hands when I had to callArvan.I was a kid when I first met him.At a very rough time in my life,I neede a lawyer,and a good one.Arvan immediatly put me at ease abotu everything.He has such a big presence,he was sharp,and formidable,a brilliant lawyer.I don't think I would have made the decisions I did without his expertise,I wouldn't be writing this letter.....Thank You Arvan!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Amanda

    The best lawyer ever!

    Awesome lawyer! Had a domestic assault charge and he worked his magic and made it disappear :) hopefully I don't get into anymore trouble but if I do I will be calling Arvand Naderi to help me out!!! :)

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Great Lawyer

    Arvand is a great lawyer. He was the most passionate about my case out of all the other lawyers I consulted before I consulted him. Other lawyers made me feel like I had no hope and made me feel guilty after hearing my story. Arvand took the time to think about my situation and gave his honest response on my situation and how he would like to proceed with my case.

    I had never been charged with a crime and was scared as HELL. I had graduated college a year ago and couldn’t risk my future to a public defender who might of not given my case much thought. I didn’t even know a complaint at the school police station was filed against me for taking a iPhone 5 cell phone that I found next to the computer I was working on. I notified the student employees working in the computer lab and they did not know what to do with it, so I took it. I gave it to the police the next day and was not told I have charges against me. Six months later I get a letter in the mail that the City Attorney is charging me with petty theft. I had a complete mental break down.

    I was already having a hard time finding a job and could not afford to have a misdemeanor on my record. On my first phone call to Arvand, which lasted about an hour, he gave me information on what would be best for my case. He knows the courts, the judges and prosecuting attorneys very well and can tell you weather you have a good change of getting a dismissal or something else.

    Also, if you live with family and don’t want to stress them out too, Arvand is very good with keeping things private and can talk to you on the weekends or evenings.

    He saved my life and my career. Trust him and you won’t regret it!

    Thanks Arvand. May you keep on gaining success in your career!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Florin

    The best

    If you look for an attorney to represent you, my suggestion is stop looking.
    "YOU FIND HIM " .
    You want the best? Hire Mr. Naderi because he is the best
    He is a hard worker, honest , trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable about the laws , persistent in
    delivering a positive result and well known within the court system.
    I just finish my case of felony being represented by Mr. Naderi .He promptly responded to my
    inquiries and took time to address all my concerns. He made me feel at ease during the process. All
    I can say about him is that from the beginning to the end is going to fight for you and for your
    liberty. I'm free today because of him , DA ask for 16 months of mandatory jail time and Mr.
    Naderi manage to get my sentence reduce to misdemeanor with no jail time .
    I am very pleased with the outcome of my case and highly recommend Mr. Arvand Mahdavi Naderi

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Caryn

    The Awesome Arvand!

    I work in the Los Angeles Superior court. I've known Arvand for a long time. In fact, I was the court reporter on his very first trial. He kicked ass in that trial! Luckily I've never had to hire a lawyer to represent me, but If I ever did have a need for one, Arvand would be the person I would call. Believe me, I've seen thousands of lawyers come into court and can count on one hand the ones I would consider hiring. Arvand is at the top of that list. He treats everyone from the judge to the attorneys to the clerks, the bailiffs and, yes, even the court reporters with the utmost respect, and that goes a long way in the eyes of the court.

    A member of my family had a little run-in with law enforcement in another county so I made a call to Arvand to ask for his advice. He was on the phone with my family member, who was very scared and confused, that same night. He explained to her the process and what she could expect when she went to court. She felt so much better after talking with him. He did this as a favor to me, which not many lawyers would do. She called me afterward and said he had her laughing within five minutes. He has a great "lawyer bedside manner."

    I know there are many attorneys out there who take a client's money to "represent" them in court, but many times they don't even show up. They'll send an appearance attorney... someone the client did not contract for. I've never known Arvand to send someone to appear for him. If you hire him, HE will represent you and do a great job.

    Arvand, if you see this, you need to come to see me more often. It's a pleasure to have you in my courtroom, and you know the judge is always happy to see you. I may even buy you lunch.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by MS

    Naderi Review

    Arvand Naderi worked tirelessly to exonerate me from criminal charges that would have destroyed my career and in turn devastated my family and myself. Mr Naderi exercised my right to discuss my case with supervising District Attorney's and assured me the most positive outcome. I cannot overstate how professional and responsive he is.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    He's like you've had him on retainer as your family lawyer for generations

    He gets the job done right by understanding YOUR PERSONAL SITUATION. He didn't take a broad brush approach in my case. He listened. He asked. He followed through. He tells you how it is and what your options are. You ask and he answers you truthfully--not with what you want to hear.

    He knows his work and is proud--he will not compromise principle, nor integrity, to get "it" over with. He pushes just as hard after getting paid as he does before.

    He listened to what I wanted out of my case. Ultimately, I believe I got it. There is a sense of relief within my family.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Best Lawyer ever!

    I had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Naderi recently due to a domestic violence case. We met a few other big name lawyers before choosing our lawyer, but we finally decided to go with him. We are extremely satisfied with our choice. The case was resolved today in the most convenient way with the most desirable outcome. I think what distinguishes him from other lawyers is that he knows every single detail about the whole process as he has had many cases. In addition, he knows everybody in the court and everybody knows him! You will notice this as soon as you walk into court with him. By "everybody", I mean judges, officers, prosecutors, and even other lawyers. I personally believe this is the most important factor for resolving such cases. During the process, he was extremely helpful and always accessible via email and phone. Honestly, I was really worried about this case before hiring him, but he managed to move things forward in a way we were completely relaxed.
    One more thing, neither me nor my wife could make it to the original hearing date set by the court, but he managed to reschedule the date and time that was convenient for us. Overall, I highly recommend him for similar cases. Talk to him first before making any decisions.