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Stephen Edward White

Stephen White’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Joan

    Highly recommend Stephen White

    Steve White is a really good guy. We hired him to help us secure monies still owed to us by our fire insurance. He got the job done efficiently and effectively.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Lawsuits & Disputes client

    Has always done an excellent job for me.

    Mr. White has handled a civil suit for me as well as several administrative matters over a span of several years. The outcomes have been excellent. He worked hard and kept me informed. Whenever a friend needs legal advice or help I refer them to Mr. White.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Liz

    Ignore the bad reviews..he is excellent

    Someone has an ax to grind...i read the neg reviews after I hired him and was worried. But I had nothing to worry about. Mr. White was easy going, professional and experienced. He worked on my case and was able to help me alot. He answered all my questions and kept me updated via email throughout the case. He even gave me his CEL phone number!! He spent over an hour and then a long phone call giving me advice BEFORE I even hired him. He was able to give me very realistic expectations and I was pleasantly surprised with an even better outcome. I will def use him again for any legal issue. Liz

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Class Action client

    Best Lawyer EVER!!!!

    Mr. White is the only lawyer I will ever consider after the wonderful job he did on my case. He was punctual, easy to get a hold of, professional and guided me through the entire process I had to go through. I have used his services on 3 different occasions and will never go anywhere else. I highly recommend him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Really good!

    I have used Mr. White for both a criminal case and a civil case. Both of which he was successful in getting me the best outcome possible. He has over 25 years experience and because he does not have a posh expensive office his charges are a really good deal. He kept me update at each stage of the cases via email which made it so easy. Good communication, reasonable fees. If you want expertise at a good deal he is your guy. He doesnt have a ton of employees so best way to communicate is via email/msgs, but I didnt want to pay for secretaries, I wanted the best attorney. Ignore the neg reviews, he is an excellent attorney.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    A Terrible Attorney

    I am a former client of attorney Stephen Edward White.
    I'd hired Stephen White in year 2011 through approximately 2012.
    Mr. White, at first, misrepresented himself, unbeknownst to me. He claimed he would be available for any questions, concerns, so forth "all throughout" the case. It was a relatively simple case to conduct.
    However, after I paid him an exhorbitant fee and retained him, he became quite inattentive, temperamental, and constantly impatient. Every time I phoned him( on week days, during his business hours only), he never answered the phone. When I left messages, he never returned my messages. I did not receive replies to my questions. The only time I reached him was 2 hours before the court case, on the same day as my court date. And even then, he was perturbed that I dared to contact him.
    On the next court date, he did not even show up. A judge had ordered us both back, certainly, but he failed to appear for my case. I was left foolishly before the judge. And the judge had to send a marshall after him.
    Throughout my case, Stephen White failed to remotely adequately or competently represent me. Additionally, attorney Stephen White was immensely rude and unprofessional. At one point he even told me that he "has a lot going on in " his personal life and maybe I should hire another attorney---while he refused to refund any portion of the huge fee I'd paid him. Mr. White caused far more trouble and trauma than the case itself. It was only when I posted this review on this site, that I saw the other clients" reviews and I wish I'd checked this site before I'd ever hired him.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client


    I was a client of Stephen Edward White.
    Before hiring Mr. White, I spoke to , at length, about my case.
    I told him that I was NOT guilty of the charge and that the charge was the result of a vindictive former employer. The point of saying this, is that it was a very easy case for him to defend.
    He was and is a most disappointing and unprofessional lawyer. Before taking my money, he made many many so-called promises of all the things he would file and do to help defend me.Then, he very untacfully demanded the money----he said(practically yelled ) that he had to meet a "connection" soon and had to go and that, if I wanted help, I better pay him then and there.I paid him on a signed retainer agreement. He almost did not sign the retainer, but I made sure to get it signed.
    After he got my money, he stopped answering my phone calls. Despite the voice mails that I left him, he never returned my messeges.
    On the actual court date, he failed to show up to court to represent me. I had already hired him, however, he could not be bothered to show up on time!
    The judge called the case, and there I was with no attorney. I was stranded.
    I phoned him. No answer.
    I was scared and worried.Two hours later, he showed up with no explanation.
    For days after that, when I called him, AGAIN, to tell him about documents that could help my case, he refused to answer my calls. Again, I left messegess, which he refused to retirn.
    It took me leaving a final messege that I'd contact the Bar Association, before he called. When he did call, he yelled and actually cussed at me. Yes, he used profanity against me. When I asked him not to curse me, he lied and denied cussing at me----then he cussed at me again.
    On the next occassion, he demanded more money and threatened to quit, if he didn't get more money. When I honestly told him that I had no more money, he hung up on me.
    Thus, he also violated the retainer agreement.
    In fear, I called him numerous more times, which he refused to answer.
    He is guilty of unprofessional conduct, derelict of duties , incompetence, and malfeasance.
    I have written to and contacted the Bar Association, and the Bar is currently investigating him. - Edit Review

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client


    I am a former client of attorney Steve White.
    He has been an incompetent lawyer who has behaved unprofessionaly and put myself and my court case at stake.
    I initially consulted with Wr. White about my need for criminal defense.
    He inaccurately claimed that he specialized in criminal cases. However I later discovered that that was not the case, thus he had lied to me.
    Before I hired him, he would return my calls and answer questions(although not honestly, as i found out, after I paid and hired him).
    But After he'd been paid, he never answered my calls or the many messeges I had to leave on his voice mauil. He does not have an ofiice or any staff to answer his calls, hence ther's only his voice mail.
    There were occassions when it took him up to 3 weeks to return my calls----and this happened more than once.
    Worse, he was late to court on numerous court dates, without having ever warned me in advance, so that the judge would call the case, but I could not go forward because my attorney was not there. Even then, when I tried to call him, he would not answer.
    When I tried to speak to him about these problems, he many times yelled at me and used profanity, saying that he was having problems with his medication and "WILL not put up with my (insert profanity)" , and that if I did not like it , then I could find another lawyer, but that he was not refunding my money.
    When I informed Mr. White that I would write to the Bar Association about him, he yelled at me that I could do so, but that , just like another client of his had also recently complained about him, he knew that the Bar would take many months just to start an investigation so that I would receive no help there, as it would take so long for them to even come up with a remote decision, so then I would be the one suffering, because I'd be out of the money that I needed to hire another lawyer.
    Left with no options, I was forced to keep him as an attorney. But thaen he only behaved increasingly unprofessional. He even was absent for the next court date, without prior notice to the judge, which cause major problems for my court case. I am extremely dissappointed and in worse shape noow, than before I hired him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kelly

    Stephen White is a not only a great lawyer, but a caring human being.

    I had been injured in a car accident four years ago, and could no longer work in my profession, the Motion Picture Editors Guild. I was asking the Motion Picture Pension Fund for early retirement, as I was severely disabled and unable to work. Motion Picture Health and Welfare was being extremely uncooperative, and I found Stephen White.
    He guided me through the reams of paperwork I needed to fill out to prove I was disabled, and he not only broke through the impenetrable wall of MPHW, he also helped me receive disability, which I had no idea I was qualified for.
    His patience, knowledge, sensitivity, and fantastic sense of humor got me through an extremely tough period of my life, and if it were not for him, I would very possibly be living on the streets today.
    I recommend Steve White to every person I come across who has a problem and needs legal advice - he is generous with his time, and understanding that many of us do not have much money up front to pay him in full - he is more than willing to work within your budget.
    I not only consider Steve White to be a great lawyer, but a great friend, someone I can e-mail any time if I have a question.
    You cannot go wrong with him.