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Sharon Paris Babakhan

Sharon Babakhan’s client reviews

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  • A very good and professional lawyer :) Highly recommended :)

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I would like to write a review about Mrs. Sharon Babakhan.
    I did a shoplifting from a store. They stopped me; a cop came and gave me a ticket to go to court without custody in jail.
    It was my biggest mistake in my life. I was so depressed and felt ashamed of my self ... I don't know how I did that...
    I started to look for a lawyer to get out from this problem with the best outcome. (Of course I'll be punished but just to have the least possible).
    I wrote my story in details and sent it by e-mail to many lawyers to see what my options are.
    Some of them replayed me by giving me their offices numbers to get a consultation.
    The only one who answered all my detailed questions in e-mail was Mrs. Babakhan. Her response was very special comparing to the other lawyers. Her answers were so determined and professional. That e-mail gave me an impression about how serious she is taking her client's case. I called her and she gave me a consultation where she explained to me all the possibilities that could happen in my court day. When we discussed about the charges; she asked for a very reasonable and logical charge which added more to how professional she is.
    She started to represent me in court and she struggled with the DA to get me out of this trouble.
    They didn't agree to reduce my shoplifting from a misdemeanor to an infraction due to the high money amount of the things stolen. She didn't give up and she saw the DA supervisor asking her if the reduction is possible. The supervisor refused also. Even she didn't give up, she tried to call the retail store office asking them for a settlement by paying a "civil compromise charges", but unfortunately they refused as well for the same reason that the DA and DA supervisor refused for.
    During that time she was struggling also to postpone the court day as much as possible, and she was able to do so.
    I wasn't surprised about the negative answers from the DA, DA supervisor and the Retail Store Office, because she wasn't exaggerating about the outcome as some layers do sometimes, and after affording them the surprises come. She was so logical and realistic in parallel with her hard working in my case as I mentioned above.
    In my last court day where I had to appear in court and plead guilty; she asked the DA to reduce my probation time and to remove the theft classes that usually we have to do in such case. which they fortunately agree. She didn't give up until the last minute.
    I'm so thankful for her effort and all the time that she gave me. Also that she has a very kind and friendly personality so she was always smiling and communicating with me in a very good way by encouraging me to get out from this trouble.
    She is very recommended in my opinion.

  • Review for Sharon Babakhan

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kurt

    Ms. Babakhan was extremely helpful in responding and listening to my situation, and took a lot of time speaking with me on the phone to help determine the best course of action. She was always available and returned my calls and emails promptly. She was able to help resolve my legal issue through her extensive network and experience as not only a former prosecutier but as a criminal defense lawyer. I will recommend Ms. Babakhan to anyone I know that is in need of criminal defense.

  • what a fantastic lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Contracts client

    Attorney Babakhan is very easy to deal with. She is super knowledgea, explained every in detail, very patient, great communication and highly aggressive. She knows her stuff and has no fear. She will be my attorney for the rest of my life. Thank you for such great care. She has great people skill and is very personable. This person owed me money for 3 years, did not even bother to pay back, she got it back for me in a few weeks.