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Hovanes Margarian

Hovanes Margarian’s client reviews

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  • The Best attorney ever

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Inessa

    Being an active member of the California State Bar since December, 2006, he is able to provide "to the point" case consultation and legal help with his broad experience in this field. I like how Hovanes is fighting for the case at the court. His aggressive manner and specific legal defense strategies help him succeed at the court!

  • Don't hesitate to contact a highly professional lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Emmy Anderson

    Hovanes Margarian has a very good command of litigation. He is a responsive attorney who fights for every single case. Hovanes is highly trained to defend his clients at the court. Trust him your case and you will never lose your chance to win it!

    Hovanes Margarian’s response: “Thank you for the kind words, Emmy.”
  • Thanks for the hones evaluation and the WIN!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ella Aram

    Bought a vehicle from a local dealership where they made me come back and resign the contract for a higher rate. Then the car started breaking down and giving me all kinds of problems. Mr. Margarian initially told me that minor problems with the radio and one check engine light would not get me a Lemon buyback. Since others have promised otherwise I went with another attorney. 2 months later the other attorney told me that the manufacturer has denied his "letter" and that I have to pay him if I wanted a lawsuit.

    Back to Mr. Margarian. After reviewing the paperwork he filed 2 lawsuits on my behalf. 2 month later I had a full buyback with no attorney fees paid by me! Highly recommend this firm!

  • Great attorney, got me what I wanted.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kate

    Knowledgeable and very professional.
    I am glad we found him. We received a huge refund of everything we thought we lost forever.

  • Solid attorney who is very focused, specialized and the best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Arthur

    This is a busy attorney who handles consumer cases that 4 attorneys I approached did not take and 3 of them recommended Mr. Margarian.
    He is a great class action attorney but I wanted him to work on my case individually, which he agreed and got a great settlement after a solid fight.

    He and his team are just great. Respected by so many attorneys AND judges alike. Highly recommend him and really grateful for doing my case without taking any attorney's fees. He made the defendants pay his fees!

  • Mercedes blamed me for the defect, Mr Margarian saved me and I got ALL I paid back, plus more!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kristina

    After several complaints, some of which were ignored by the dealership, my car just broke down. Mercedes blamed me for not taking care of it. I wrote to corporate they sent me a letter to go away.

    Mr Margarian was able to successfully litigate my case, prove the dealers irresponsible negligent and immoral business conduct and show that the defects were not my fault. I got all my down payment, monthly payments, towing, rental and ALL fees I ever paid to deal with this problem!

  • Exteremely competent attorney who produces excellent results

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Albert

    I had a case about a year ago. After searching online and talking to a few attorneys I hired one to represent me. I was asked to wait and wait and wait... until finally maybe 6 months later I was tired of waiting so I asked for my file back. Around the same time a friend of mine recommended that I visit Margarian because she had a similar case with him. Her case had taken Margarian about 2 weeks to complete so I was very impressed. Of course I thought my case was probably harder.

    I met with Margarian and went over my case. Right away I could tell that he was extremely knowledgeable and most importantly he was extremely candid about the possible outcomes and my expected recovery. The level of candor was quiet refreshing. I have dealt with a lot of attorneys in the past so I really was not expecting such frankness from one.

    At any rate, I decided to give Margarian a shot at my file. Right away I could see the difference in his approach. Whereas my prior attorney had spend 6 months trying to negotiate the case, Margarian's first step was to send a 5 day demand letter. His basic attitude was that they had already had 6 months to review the case and he was not prepared to waste any more time. When they failed to reply within the 5 days he filed the lawsuit on the 6th day. This was very impressive. During the next month he kept me updated of what is going on with the case and ultimately got me a settlement.

    Oh by the way my first attorney had managed to get an offer of $5,000 which I refused to accept. Margarian ended up settling the case for me at $40,000! Eight times more an all in about one month. I realized that his success comes from his aggressive approach. He is very frank about it. He never makes threats of litigation without going through with it. And when he litigated he puts so much pressure on the opposing side that they are overwhelmed with the litigation expense and are forced to settle if the case has merits. A lot of attorneys I hired before merely do the minimum to push paper around and settle for a few bucks. Margarian is quiet the opposite. I do know that he does not take on every case and he was very hesitant with mine when I first told him I had a prior attorney but once he took the case he gave it his 100 %.

    I absolutely positively recommend him and will keep using him for future legal maters. Thank you!

  • I Got What I Want Plus Some From the Cheating Dealership

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Litigation client

    We have purchased a vehicle from a local dealership for my daughter and spent quite a bit of our savings. Several month later I was stuck with a huge repair bill as a result of unknowingly purchasing a vehicle with a frame damage and rolled back odometer. At first the dealership claimed that the damages happened after I have purchased the vehicle from them. For some reason the previous damages did not show on the CarFax report at that time and I was frustrated and did not know what to do.

    Mr. Margarian took the case on contingency bases and really put up a good fight for us. He filed a lawsuit and scheduled 3 depositions with people involved and witnesses without charging us a penny. 2 months later he settled the case for us where they took the car back, paid all our payments back PLUS what we had to spend as a result - from towing to repair bills. I think he was able to prove that the frame damage was actually announced at the auction where they purchased the vehicle - talk about good investigative skills.

    Mr. Margarian really knows the industry and the law and he is a great advocate. I will strongly recommend him to anyone. Now my daughter is driving a safe car and we did not lose our savings to scamming dealers.