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Simon M. Aval

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  • Im facing a 2nd dui charge and pos cocaine, no prior drug convictions. I have a few thousand $, need to make a deal. Any help?

    Arrested march 9. Already spent 5 days in jail. Da's offer is 180 days in jail???? My public defender cant make a deal. No urine split was done. Pd isnt telling me anything about what my options are at this point. My job requires me to drive to el...

    Simon’s Answer

    Some courts are more lenient than others on such cases. Your case depends upon which courthouse it is being heard, who the prosecutor is, what stage your case is, whether the Judge has been consulted with in regards to an 'open plea', and whether you have a possible defense to the allegations.

    If you court is a local court to where I practice, I will gladly help. Contact my office anytime.

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