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Jamaul Dmitri Cannon

Jamaul Cannon’s client reviews

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  • Amazing TRO attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eva

    After my boyfriend pushed me down a flight of stairs (sadly not the first time), I had convinced myself that I wouldn't feel comfortable with a male attorney representing me after I finally worked up the nerve to get a restraining order against him. I called a few women attorneys but for some reason nothing seemed quite right with them. Then I searched avvo and saw Mr. Cannon's name. I called his office and I was impressed with how quickly he (emphasis on HIM responding and not an assistant or paralegal).

    First, he asked if I was ok; he asked if I still was living in a harsh situation. He said he had great referrals for domestic violence counselors (which kinda surprised me coming from a man). I was amazed that Mr. Cannon asked all of these things that had nothing to do with HIM actually getting business, and he sounded like he genuinely wanted to make sure I was ok before "talking shop". And when he did start discussing the process for restraining orders, he was really patient, and explained the difference between temporary and permanent restraining orders. He told me the temporary order was "easy" but the permanent was "hard". He told me how to get an Emergency Protective Order from the police before seeking a family order.

    I was so impressed I had the utmost confidence and I hired Mr. Cannon. At my hearing, he continued to exceed expectations. He gave a killer opening statement, he made sharp arguments, he was able to stop my ex from trying to "put the victim on trial" by bringing up a bunch of irrelevant stuff. He totally threw my ex off on cross-examination. In the end, I got a 5 year restraining order and I couldn't be happier. I know the focus of Mr. Cannon's business is divorce but if TROs are only what he handles part time, I can't imagine how smart he must be in his main practice. I could rave on for days but I've already rambled enough. Thank you Mr. Cannon

  • Not a responsible lawyer, and does not care

    1.0 star

    Posted by Dennis

    I need to look for a last minute lawyer to take care of my case. Upon googling for a lawyer, I found Mr. Cannon. I had faith in my case because he has such positive reviews. It wasn't until after the case I was thoroughly disappointed.

    My case was a simple one, and would have had a different outcome had Mr. Cannon been prepared. He showed up in court without any documents prepared and I lost my case, and lost three properties due to the case. All Mr. Cannon had to do was present some documents, but he didn't do anything at all. After losing the case I kept trying to contact him, but he just kept dodging my calls. I went to his office and he just pretended to not be there.

    Not only did he take my money, but he caused me a greater loss by losing the trial. I would not recommend him at all.

    Jamaul Dmitri Cannon’s response: “The only accurate statement in the preceding post was that the client (Mr. He) was looking for a "last minute" lawyer. Indeed, he came TWO DAYS before his trial. His prior counsel hadn't filed a trial brief or lodged an exhibit list or provided witness statements. Because my genius client also had virtually no files from his case, I had to send my messenger to prior counsel in Orange County and the earliest he could was the next day. I didn't get the file until 3 pm the day before trial. Nevertheless, I stayed up until 10 at night and reviewed his entire file. I warned Mr. He that though I was now prepared, because no brief was submitted or exhibit lists, I couldn't admit any EVIDENCE to support him if the court didn't grant a continuance. Mr. He lied and stated the Court hadn't denied continuances before (my review of the case showed it had two weeks prior, however). When we went to trial, the judge denied a continuance because he had already done so, and predictably pointed out how I was precluded from preventing evidence. Mr. He lost at trial but couldn't accept that. So he started calling me...night and day, day and night asking WHAT ELSE could be done. He began demanding appeals, he "informed me" that he had 15 days to file a motion for new trial. When I told him he didn't have grounds, and he could be sanctioned for filing a frivolous motion like that, he began demanding I do so anyway. I informed him if he called one more time to ask for a motion for new trial, he would have to get a new attorney (his case wasn't over after trial because the trial was bifurcated on only ONE issue, another point he conveniently ignores). The client called again, and so I answered and told him to get his file and hung up. After not responding to his next dozen or so calls, he showed up at my office while I was in a meeting and basically stalked me. He followed me to my car and I had to tell him I would get a civil harassment order if he didn't leave me alone, take his file and go. He demanded a retainer even though I'd spend seven hours just reviewing his case file, several hours speaking with him on the phone and three hours going to trial. In all, he OWED money, but I knew better than to push for that. Bottom line is, I fired the client and before he trashed me on the internet, he was still begging me to help him.”
  • Great Negotiator and Tough as Nails

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jon

    Jamaul Cannon is an awesome attorney. I didn’t find out until the end of my case that he was actually finalizing his own painful divorce and he never (or at least I never noticed) that it was getting to him or affecting his management of my case. He was in fact able to help negotiate a great settlement between my spouse and I when I had absolutely NO faith that we would ever be able to reach an accord. Somehow, he had a way of negotiating with my spouse as well as her lawyer that almost convinced them that they were “winning” no matter what, even as he got them to agree to terms regarding custody of my twins and alimony that I never thought I would see in a million years. All in all, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Mr. Cannon to any of my friends of colleagues.

  • Made my Easy Divorce Easy

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Thomas

    Here's Jamaul's sharp (borderline cynical) wit in heartbeat: he once told me that "an incompetent lawyer can delay a case for months and cost twice as much as it should; a competent lawyer can delay it for years and make it cost ten times as much as it should."

    Well under that logic, I guess he was pretty incompetent because he made my divorce take a really short amount of time. In fact, he convinced me to file a joint "summary" divorce so that the court could automatically grant my divorce in six months without me ever having to go to court. When I told Jamaul I never heard of such a thing, he told me that many divorce lawyers didn't mention this option because it meant way fewer fees on their end. I couldn't believe his candor but I was certainly happy he shared it with me. Because of Jamaul, I had an easy divorce made easy and I couldn't have been happier.

  • With a name like Cannon he's gotta be great

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ken

    I'll be honest. When I first started researching attorneys, the primary thing that drew me to Jamaul was that we shared the last name (though I'm a middle aged white guy from Australia, so I'm pretty sure we aren't related).

    Anyhoo, I reached out to Jamaul after my first divorce lawyer completely tanked the issue of spousal support from my ex. Jamaul came in after my first judgment and despite language in my divorce that basically made it seem like it would be impossible for me to ever modify spousal support, he effectively got it halved. This was partially due to the fact that I was demoted at work but also partially because he managed to prove that my wife (a Ph.D graduate) was capable of earning a lot more than $20,000 a year which is what she claimed (and my first attorney did a horrible job of refuting). As attorneys go, Jamaul is a great guy and not just because he's "another Cannon"

  • Terrific Resource

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brice

    I have to admit...I was a little wishy washy when I first met Jamaul. In fact, nearly six months passed between me first meeting with him and me ultimately retaining him. I suppose I just couldn't admit my marriage was broken. But during that six month period, I would occasionally check in with Jamaul and ask him things about the divorce process. Nearly every email I sent him was prefaced with an apology for wasting his time but I just wanted ONE more question to be answered. Shockingly, he stayed patient with me and always assured me that the decision to get divorced is a personal one that only I could make. I suppose what made me trust him the most was the fact I never seemed like "just a number" to him.

    Needless to say, when I finally DID get my act together and file for divorce, Jamaul was great. And he even helped me and my ex reached a fairly amicable settlement. I knew he could've convinced me to fight over every little thing (and run up his own bill in the process) but he actually put me first. I have since referred two other friends to Jamaul and they have both shared equally glowing feelings. All in all, I couldn't recommend him enough.

  • Jamaul is the MAN

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Abigail

    As a "repeat customer" (Jamaul handled my first AND second divorce), I can tell you that Jamaul is as wise, intelligent and "unjaded" five years later as he was when we first met. He has certain empathy for clients while also remaining "no nonsense" in his approach (in our first consult five years ago, he told me "I don't want to waste your time promising the moon only to leave you disappointed in the end so I'm not going to lie about how GREAT your life will be after divorce...being divorced sucks"), which I suppose can rankle some, but I truly enjoyed it. When my second marriage didn't work out, I had ZERO qualms going back to Jamaul. He was great about it the second time around and didn't make me feel like I was the problem with my inability to have a functioning marriage. All in all, Jamaul is kind, brilliant but most importantly...HONEST. And that's really all you can ask for in an attorney.

  • One word - Exceptional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Forest

    Jamaul was amazing. He was always professional, always courteous and he always listened. He recommended one course of action in my divorce and I was adamantly opposed to it (it involved trying to settle certain issues with my ex). However, even though he didn't agree with me, he fought extremely hard for me and I could tell he was being genuine.

    In the end, I should have deferred to his expertise, but I appreciated that he never bullied me and that I never got one single "I told you so." All in all, as rough as my divorce was, I couldn't recommend Mr Cannon highly enough


    1.0 star

    Posted by frank

    I hired Jamal cannon as my attorney to help me to represent me in my divorce and child custody case. He promised me that in a couple to a few months the whole process would be done, and it took me over nine months to just received ONE phone call from him. The one time we had finally gotten a court date to consolidate my cases ...he didn't show up to court..never called me ..never told me about any return or future court date, ignored all of my calls and emails and said that the reason he didn't return any of my calls or emails was because he was mad at me. I would definitely not recommend anyone losing any of their hard earned money or precious time that they have to see their kids or to file divorce documentation do not waste your time with this guy he is a joke I would NOT recommend anyone use his services. Anyone else having a problem with him should go to the American Bar Association in California and filed a complaint against him. He does not have any full time staff, it is only him and one partner and they never returned my phone calls in over a year and it was rare when they would return any of my emails.
    I finally went to his office we rather wait outside of his door for over an hour for him to get back to for him to say he couldn't see me because he was waiting on someone else so as we argued he said that he was quitting working on my case. And that I still owed him a balance lol .
    been over one year and five thousand dollars + into it he never once show me any type of documentation with you filed or phone calls that he made or any type of effort to look into my case. He told me that I was not divorced charge me extra for a divorce fee and then come to find out when your later at that I was already divorced. And said "sometimes it just doesn't show up"
    I finally ended up calling Los Angeles family law services and they helped me file all the paperwork that he charged me five thousand dollars for in less than 30 days for under $1000 and got me a mediation and a court date within the next 30 days.

  • Couldn't ask for more

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nicole

    Jamaul was intelligent, thorough, and always well-prepared. He never over-promised anything (like most of the lawyers I talked to at first), and he made sure he always kept me well informed of everything throughout my divorce. It wasn't easy splitting from my husband of 20 years, and I can't imagine ENJOYING a divorce no matter who my attorney was; but I did enjoy interacting with and having the Cannon Legal Group work for me.