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Benjamin A. Alley

About Benjamin Alley

About me

     I am an estate planning and business attorney. I have a passion for helping people to make the decisions that matter most for their family, their business, and their future. I currently run my own practice and I love it! I especially enjoy working with business owners and families. I bring a unique perspective to my business clients because I too ran a business for several years before I became an attorney. In addition to being an attorney, I am also a licensed minister and have served in this capacity for nearly two decades. My work as a minister has taught me the people skills and sensitivity needed to guide individuals through difficult decisions that impact both their families and their future.

     I also have extensive experience working with other cultures. In the late 1990s, I studied business and communications in China. While in China, I also taught English classes and picked up the ability to speak Mandarin Chinese. After returning to the United States, I served in the Chinese community in Kansas City for approximately eight years and I am currently serving the Chinese community in Alhambra, California. In addition to experience with Chinese culture, I have also worked with Africans to rebuild an orphanage in Nairobi, worked with Malaysians to move crocodiles on a nature reserve in Borneo, dug with Israelis on an archaeological excavation near Jerusalem, and led humanitarian trips to both the Himalayas and Jamaica. These experiences have taught me the flexibility and intercultural finesse to approach situations from different perspectives.

     I also relish any opportunities I get to speak in front of people. I enjoy speaking on all topics—both legal and non-legal. I have polished these public speaking skills through educational training, weekly speaking opportunities in my career as a minister, and through speaking at conferences and retreats across the United States and the world.