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People v. Peter F.

Case Conclusion Date: 06.06.2011

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Outcome: Hit and Run charges DISMISSED

Description: JUNE 2011: Pasadena Court: Misdemeanor Hit and Run charges dropped: My client was an older gentleman who had a prior misdemeanor hit and run from a year ago. He was charged with a second offense this year. The victim alleged my client side-swiped him and that my client left the scene without stopping to exchange his insurance information. A conviction for this offense would have resulted in the loss of my client’s driver’s license and a loss of his independence. The investigating officer did not handle the case in a professional manner and never took any photos of the victim’s vehicle. The Officer also approached my client late at night without declaring he was a police officer. My client treated the officer as a prowler and demanded he get off his property. The officer wrote a report that appeared to biased against my client and implied my client was trying to avoid responsibility for tye hit and run. My client denied hitting the victim’s vehicle and not stopping. We were ready to go to trial. However, after discussing the case with the city prosecutor, she decided to dismiss the hit and run charges and allow my client to plead to an infraction for improper lane change. Client avoided a misdemeanor on his record and a license suspension.

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