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Adrianos Matthew Facchetti

Adrianos Facchetti’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Adrianos Is A Force To Be Reckoned With!

    There is a reason why Adrianos Facchetti's blog comes up first when you are searching for a defamation lawyer. He is the man you want in your corner!

    From the moment we spoke on the phone, to our first consultation meeting, I knew I had found the best attorney in the field. Adrianos is trustworthy, kind and compassionate, and his knowledge is priceless! Upon retaining Mr. Facchetti, he was very informative and patient with me, always quick to respond to my calls and emails. Reagan is wonderful too, always pleasant and going beyond what's expected to ensure your well being. Knowing I had Adrianos fighting for me gave me peace of mind that was invaluable. The fear I felt regarding my situation completely vanished when Adrianos assured me he was going to do everything in his power to protect me. Underneath his calm demeanor and quick-witted sense of humor, is an aggressive, brilliant attorney who will bring the opposing party to their knees.

    We are forever grateful Adrianos was there when we needed him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by 'Gene

    The 'Bruce Lee' of law

    Unforeseen circumstances forced me to seek legal assistance when a teenager decided to play 'bumper cars' with my rear bumper to see if he could push it to my back seat. He was almost successful. After two operations and being in a cervical collar for more than twenty months, due to a precondition of COPD Adrianos with his able bodied assistant Reagan Hyland sprung into action.
    First having come to my home, being extremely patient with me and allowing me to tell the circumstances as I remembered them Adrianos explained what he would be willing to do and exactly what he and hs firm would charge, what their obligation would be and what my obligation would be. There was absolutely no guess work.
    From then until the settlement of the case Adrianos and/or Reagan kept me informed as to every step that was taken by our side or that of the opposition. What also was extremely impressive to me was that each and every e-mail and/or phone call was answered quickly and efficiently.
    The reason I titled this review, "The 'Bruce Lee' of law is due to Adrianos weighing approximately that of Bruce Lee but also having his determination, strategical strength and not backing down from an opponent.
    Thanks Adrianos and Reagan, you two are the best.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Nadia

    Extremely Helpful!

    Mr. Facchetti is the go to lawyer for any internet review problems. We had a client with whom we had a financial dispute with and he got all his friends to sabotage us and write libelous reviews. We lost thousands of dollars. We called Mr. Facchetti and not only did he explain to us the laws, our rights, and what we can do about it, he went deeper and enlightened us to the psychology behind these types of sabotaging actions. He explained how many times reviewers just want to be acknowledged and feel they're right. He suggested before we take legal action to try and negotiate. It worked out really well. The reviewers removed their reviews and no legal action was necessary. We're very grateful for Mr. Facchetti, and even though we hope we don't have to use him again in the future, we are confident we will get the job done.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Flores

    Mr. Facchetti is an AMAZING attorney!!!

    Mr. Facchetti is an AMAZING attorney!!! His consistency and aggressiveness towards my case exceeded all expectations. Not only were we granted a 3 yr. restraining order but we were also awarded 100% of attorney’s fees from the defendant. I knew he was a great attorney from the moment we met at our consultation. His knowledge, expertise, and confidence made me think “WOW!! This guy knows what he’s talking about,” and I was right! I only had to say a few words at court while Mr. Facchetti took care of everything else and fought for my family the whole way through. We are greatly indebted to Mr. Facchetti not just for winning the case but for giving me and family a peace of mind. Because of you Adrianos, we can finally move forward with our lives. “Hope springs eternal….” (I'll remember that)

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ken

    Someone you want and need on your team!!

    Adrianos helped me with my case. It was a long battle but he was always there when I needed him. Adrianos is a very nice, easy to talk to kinda guy. He won my case and I was very pleased with the results. He knows what he is doing . I would highly recommend him to anyone.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Christian

    The GOD of Defamation Defense and Anti-Slapp

    Every now and then good, quality people with a strong set of defined morals coupled with a brain and several assets, find themselves to be the litigious targets and fodder for many of the low life troglodytes in society. Sometimes when one makes the decision to challenge said low hanging fruits of society, they might find themselves the recipient of a claim for defamation of character. Some may find it fitting to classify it as nothing more than a “shakedown” or “extortion” suit for those that envy you and wish to live your same financial lifestyle. However, if you find yourself tangled in an ugly situation over defamation of character, please do yourself a favor and immediately contact attorney Adrianos Facchetti, the GOD of Defamation Defense and California anti-slapp suits.

    If you have a voice and decided to use it, one must caution you to make sure you have the strength, stamina, and the money to back up your opinions. Even with the aforementioned qualities named above, the recipe fails without the retention of a top notch attorney to execute the proper legal actions and hammer down on such bottom feeding plaintiffs. Lucky for me, I was privileged enough to have retained the Law Office of Adrianos Facchetti. Mr. Facchetti vigorously and very successfully defended me in a purported “defamation” claim. Mr. Facchetti used his in-depth expertise to carry out a swift and heavy anti-slapp suit to quickly shut down the plaintiff’s fabricated storyline and scripted attempts to extort money from me. Armed with Mr. Facchetti by my side, coupled with his in-depth knowledge and legal strength, every single one of the plaintiff’s claims crumbled before their eyes. Their scheme failed quickly and miserably. Embarrassingly enough, the plaintiff’s themselves and the plaintiffs’ attorney (a shrinking violet at best) found themselves folding like a cheap suit while up against Mr. Facchetti’s vigorous defense. Mr. Facchetti is a fierce, strong, and intelligent litigator. In my opinion, Adrianos is simply the best attorney in the field of defamation period. I have witnessed firsthand, the legal mopping of floors Adrianos can accomplish swiftly and with graceful ease.

    In conclusion, if you unfortunately ever find yourself to be on the opposing side of the table from Mr. Facchetti (as opposing counsel or plaintiff up against Adrianos in a defamation case), I wish you all the luck in the world. Well, luck and a large box of diapers. You will need a generous supply of both.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    An outstanding attorney

    Adrianos Facchetti was an integral part of our legal team in our civil case. As I imagine is true in each individual case, we had a variety of concerns in entering this process. Our family, including our three teenage daughters, had been victimized by a violent act, we had no idea where to begin, and we felt vulnerable. We were also hugely concerned about the welfare of our daughters during this completely unfamiliar process. The outcome of our case was important, but the journey we were about to take required attorneys that we could trust implicitly. From the moment we met Adrianos his calm capability was obvious. He was genuinely concerned for our family and that concern continued over the three years we worked with him. Each step of the legal process was covered with us before it happened in terms we understood. He let us know what to expect each step of the way. During our journey together, from filing to settlement, Adrianos was professional, caring, and thorough. His exhaustive attention to each and every detail ensured that our case received every possible consideration. We would not hesitate to recommend Adrianos to friends or family in the event they required legal services. Having him on our team enabled us to reach a settlement in our case and move forward in our lives. We will always be grateful to him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Pete

    Brilliant, Caring Attorney

    After being served with a defamation lawsuit, we did not know where to turn. My wife is a recent cancer survivor, so the last thing we needed was the stress and aggravation of a lawsuit.

    From the moment we spoke with Adrianos on the phone, we knew we were in good hands. At our initial consultation, he listened patiently and then explained our options.

    Adrianos filed a brilliant anti-SLAPP motion on our behalf, which stopped the plaintiff and their attorney dead in their tracks. The defamation suit was dropped and Adrianos negotiated an excellent settlement in which the plaintiff ended up paying us.

    In addition to being a great attorney, we found Adrianos to be a sincere, compassionate person. Throughout the process, it was evident that he had our best interests at heart, and had genuine concern for how all this would affect our family.

    If we ever have ANY sort of legal issue in the future Adrianos Facchetti will be the first person called!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sterling

    Attorney Adrianos Facchetti the anti-slapp expert

    Attorney Facchetti listened to me and researched the details of a defamation civil suit against me. He wrote a detailed, well organized and excellent motion that was impressive and knowledgeable. He was professional at all times and kept me informed of all options. I would highly recommend him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Stacia

    Excellent !

    I was sued for online reviews I had posted. I did quite a bit of research and found Adrianos Facchetti. I am so happy I did. He is honest, extremely knowledgeable and sharp. He won my case and out shined the defense in every way. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone!