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Vincent Walter Davis

Vincent Davis’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Nina Sicuranzo

    Great Attorney

    I hired Vince Davis in late March 2015, after I had my last juvenile court hearing. He and his office started working on my case immediately to try and reverse the damage to my case done by my court appointed attorney. The first thing he did was file a 23 page appellate writ & brief, and now he is filing more motions with the trial court to try and regain custody of my child. I wish I had hired Mr. Davis from the beginning. He and his firm are amazing.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sandra

    Excellent Attorney

    Just finished a case with Vincent Davis representing in a legal matter. He is an excellent attorney. He is very knowledgeable, forthright and honest. My family feels quite fortunate he was fighting for us. Highly reccommend Vincent Davis and his Law Office

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Margarita

    dont do it

    I read some poor reviews but trusted them anyway. I made the mistake. I would have been better off going to court alone.I did all the work myself. My attorney was passive and did not fight for me at all. It was a waste of time and money for me. When I went for my consultation they were confident about helping me. I guess the saying is true, promises are comfort to a fool..

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Excellent Representation

    I hired the law offices of Vincent Davis & Associates to represent me in a fight against DCFS / CPS. My wife found him on the Internet.

    We first hired him to represent me before a juvenile dependency case was even filed. But the social workers came to our home and took our children. My wife and I had our doubts after hiring Davis because things weren't happening fast enough. But we soon learned to trust and follow his advice. The guy really knows what he's doing and he always took our call or returned our texts.

    At the very first hearing Davis convinced the judge to give our children back to us. I later learned this rarely happens at the first hearing.

    DCFS wanted to take jurisdiction over our family and children, but we wouldn't agree. So the Davis Law firm took the case to trial. Stephanie Davis was absolutely brilliant in court and we won! We beat DCFS / CPS and the case was thrown out by the judge. Again, something that doesn't always happen.

    We are thankful to Vincent Davis, Stephanie Davis and everyone at the Davis law firm.

    If you want an expert in this area of the law, call these guys.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Larry

    Did what 3 other attorneys couldn't do

    I heard and saw on the Internet that attorney Vincent Davis was supposed to be one of the best at these DCFS / CPS cases. Department of Children and Family Services, and Child Protective Services. I live in Arizona case was in Los Angeles County, California.

    I drove to meet Davis at his office in California. He listened to my story, and he said I thought he could help me. And he did. He developed a masterful legal strategy, then asked his associate Stephanie Davis to help because DCFS was really putting the pressure on and really trying to steal my son from me.

    It was a long hard battle. I even began to doubt Mr. Davis. But he told me not to give up, and you know what we just won the case! My son just arrived back in Arizona and is with our family. Thank God, because this evil, and I mean evil, social worker wanted my child to be adopted by strangers in Los Angeles.

    I've seen Internet reviews about Davis, mostly good; some bad. I asked him about the bad ones and he explained to me that it's hard to win every case, no attorney wins every case. And he was honest with me, when he wins he's a hero; and when loses he's a zero. But he guaranteed me, win or lose, he'd fight the good fight.

    And he did fight the good fight, and we won. My son is so precious to me and my family and I can only thank the Lord that I meet attorneys Vincent Davis and Stephanie Davis.

    Just one more thing. They accomplished this in approx. 3 months, what 3 other law firms couldn't do in 2 years!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by PrincessKimmy

    Awesome Attorney

    Mr. Davis was great. I had a CPS case and he got kids back go my home. He was awesome in court, he stood up to the social worker's attorney and persuased the judge to give me back the kids. He and his office always,kept in touch with me. I highly recommend him and his office

    Vincent Walter Davis’s response: “Thank you for your kind words. Vince”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Angelo

    The Best

    I hired Vince Davis in my case. He and his attorneys and staff have been fantastic. Davis is an incredible legal strategist and a extraordinary trial lawyer. He returns my calls and texts promptly. I highly recommend attorney Vince Davis and the Law Offices of Vincent W Davis and Associates.

    Vincent Walter Davis’s response: “Thanks, Angelo. I'm still waiting for the "home-cooked meal" dinner invite!”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by SharonLittle

    They make it happen

    If you want your case settled and resolved it would get done here. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Vince Davis, and attorney Carol Baidas. They are caring and responsive to all my needs. At court she was the great trial lawyer.

    Vincent Walter Davis’s response: “Carol & I appreciate your comments. Thanks, Vince”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by SaiaraShams

    Lawyer who is caring

    Mr. Davis was and is currently my family law attorney. The issue now is custody and visitation with my ex husband. Mr. Davis is an excellent trial attorney and strategist. And at the same time he is calm and understanding. I highly recommend him to anyone going through family law hell.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Helen

    Vince Davis only attorney who gave me Peace of Mind, Confidence, Compassion & Hope.

    Being a victim of a very unusual case and lack of resources I reached out to Mr. Vincent Davis. I explained my story of how I had been a victim of a someone impersonating a social worker and how I had been devastated about the situation for 6 months he quickly made time for me on a Sunday.
    He was thorough and precise and explained the process to me so that I could understand what would happen next. I left the office feeling confident and at ease that I was in very capable hands. All of my communications with Mr. Davis and his staff have been professional and attentive. Mr. Vincent was warm, empathetic and understanding.
    Mr. Vincent Davis and his firm is one that I would choose and refer for all important legal issues pertaining family law, because to something so very important you have to have representation that you know will do a stellar job.
    I have to add that Mr. Davis also has been very generous and kind in working within my financial limits. I cannot thank Mr. Davis and his firm for all he has done for me.