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John Norton’s client reviews

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Review John Norton
  • Dispute of former review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Fatina

    I am the mother of Taylor. On December 5, 2008, Taylor was in an automobile accident that involved her friend, Kali and another person. In April or May of 2009, I asked Matt to look into the matter for me and possibly for Kali. Sometime in June or July, Matt called me to say that it looked there was a possible conflict of interest between my daughter and Kali, and that he could not represent either girl. As a result, he referred Taylor and I to another attorney, and I understand, he did the same thing for Kali.

    As far as I know, Matt never represented anyone in that December 5, 2008 accident, contrary to the review that was written by David Johnston, which had no merit considering Matt did the ethical thing and passed on the representation to another attorney.

  • Disappointing and wrongly advised

    1.0 star

    Posted by Lynn

    He didn't seem to have the knowledge needed for our case, so did not refer elsewhere but brought on another attorney to assist in the case. At that time in life I was naive with regard to attorneys and had never used one. Then at his recommendation we allowed him to take on another client with our same complaint against the unscrupulous medical firm, as he advised us it was in OUR best interest. So at the end, our funds received were cut in half. Worst of all, I had employed this attorney on behalf of a child. In the end, AFTER, we settled out of court, I was told that he "found out" that I could not actually sue on her behalf, but hopefully out of charity, the adults who would be receiving the monies, would have the heart to do the right thing and supply it back to the child just as if she had won the case. I was completely misled purposefully, and used, simply so that he could take his portion and win a case more easily. The child, whom this crime was against to this day has received zero from the other parties. Had I known that she would not be able to receive retribution herself, I never would have taken the time and energy to supply others to receive the help and financial assistance in lieu of what that the child needed in life.

  • No Help Whatsoever

    1.0 star

    Posted by David

    If you are looking for an unresponsive attorney who does not return phone calls then this is your guy. Matt was going to handle our claim for an auto accident against the at fault driver but decided to drop us to handle another passenger in our car so he could sue the other driver and us. True to Matt's form, he never bothered to tell me. Great ethics.