Would I recommend this lawyer?? Never. I would never recommend this lawyer, ever. Unless you are a masochist prepared to lose your case while expending ridiculous amounts of money in padded fees, to an over rated attorney. Unless you work well with attorney' who are cold as ice & appears to have no compassion for her clients. Nothing like the Carolyn, attorney I interviewed. It was evident she operated from the school of; "Clients will pay what you project your image & worth is. Even false image & worth.” I've read former client' reviews on this attorney from other social media sites, various legal forums, or advertising such as; super pages, yellow, pink or whatever color pages, reviews on attorneys in that given city etc.). I feel validated on exact suspicions and issues.

Throughout retaining this attorney, there were EXCESSIVE fees billing even for billing fees that were questioned if work had even been performed. Her demeanor & perception was that of someone who is burned out longing to retire soon. Carolyn was shockingly unprofessional in how she conducted business and treated me as her "client”, AFTER signing her retainer & forking out way, way too much money. A former client mentioned; Carolyn’ peers had warned her Carolyn was steering her on a suicide mission. This is the exact experience I encountered with this attorney.

Majority of my calls as sporadic as they were completely ignored. I was kept in suspense on case matters especially opposing counsel' position to the point you were never briefed & if you were, she briefed you at the very last moment. Feedback, responses & advice was vague to say the least. Never updated at ALL activities and matters & shamed for asking & wondering; what side is this women on?! Mine or opposing?! Why am I paying this women thousands of dollars in a brief period of time, when irreversible damages are being made to me and the case?! The partners of Jarvis, Krieger & Sullivan seem unconnected & could care less what the client' satisfaction level was towards their attorneys or staff members. If disputes are brought up, you were mocked against by internal staff members & other attorneys. For me, the wool was pulled over my eyes, was billed excessively for lack of actions, work and results, which have impacted my future.